Saturday, September 05, 2009

Illustration Friday: Strong

"Your hurtful words sandblast me leaving pit marks on my heart and soul.

I'll rise up just as I have countless times before because I'm a survivor.

I always see a hint of blue in the stormy skies that smother my life with you.

Well, no more.

Your words are strong, but today I found the strength to rise up once and for all and follow that patch of blue."

This collage just evolved little by little as did the words to her story.

Magazine clippings and a little paint on a lazy saturday afternoon.


  1. quite a painful post, i hope no one has hurt you with their words, if they did, just send them to me!!more wfs and lotsa tlc for that footsie.

  2. Whew, this one hit me like a ton of bricks. I too hope it is not some part of your reality, but just an artistic move on your part...however, just incase, keep following the blue! Very STRONG for the illustration challenge of STRONG!

  3. Thanks girls! This is fiction, I promise! The words come to me as the image unfolds.
    I've always done it that way.


  4. Sweet Raven that is so powerful. The words and the pictures.

    I felt angry at first thinking that someone has hurt you. I seriously felt my blood boil.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. Yes, very strong emotions, but hope does spring eternal...what else is there to do but look for that patch of blue.

  6. Oh Lolo...I love that you used magazine clippings! I enjoy this so much! You make me feel hopeful that it is OK to continue that collage form! This is really neat! I love it!!!

  7. how deep and moving, lo. sometimes i can't find the blue i need, but i'm learning to wait, to have faith. thanks for the reminder. we are strong in our own skin.

    this is a wonderful collage. done on a saturday afternoon in september makes it even more so.


  8. Thank you for this meaningful sharing Lolo. I always love reading the story behind the picture, collage or illustration.

    Ye, we must be strong and if we falled, we raise up again! Thanks Lolo.

    And congrats on your new header. I love it. It's a transformation of your Raven'e series.
    Keep it up.

    I have sent you some print outs and cool first day cover for collections. Thank you for your gifts. I will draw something for you but I am kind of slow.
    Thank you for your patience with me.


  9. Wonderful prose. You just know she will rise up and be greated by the beautiful things that the world has to offer. Leave behind the hurful things, let the sea take them away with the tide and wash her heart and soul of those hurtful things.

  10. love the blue sky, so hopeful.

  11. Wow, I can't believe you did this with magazine clippings. Very inspiring image and thoughts.

  12. This is wonderfully powerful! Great job.

  13. OMG....that is amazing...I love it..

  14. hellllooo, it's after-dinner time. do you know where your crayons are?

    whaaaattt? the secret's out: i don't always make sense! but i can at least say hello.


  15. may we always find that patch of blue

  16. beautiful and surreal. I like that in this image that it speaks out to the viewer to engage in the dialogue. I think you have captured everyone in this piece Lolo.

  17. I lived like that girl when I was first married. Thankfully eventually I followed the blue and never went back. Superb Lolo.

  18. Hauntingly stunning ...your words slice me right to the core...Unbelieveable talent girl!!!

  19. Stong imagery... both written and illustrated. Thanks for stopping by my blog... long neglected on my part. And I've missed visiting IF for a long time.

    Rhode Island? I have cousins in Warwick and Barrington. We enjoyed a visit there several years ago. Hope all is well.