Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Pasture Pals

I has such a pleasant day with my friend who's visiting from California. She's actually from here but we met out west. How ironic. Anyway, we decided to drive around and take photos when we came across this big guy in a meadow in the Poppasquatch area of Bristol, Rhode island.

His friend wasn't too interested in us. Either that or he's camera shy.

Mr. Horsie decided to mosey over to see what was up.

But then this little gal came walking over and stole the show!

She was playing peek-a-boo, I swear! She was a hoot!

I think this was her way of telling us the show was over and to run along.

Yeah, nice and subtle.

Happy Animal Wednesday! Or as she'd say it.....Heeeee-HAW!!!!


  1. aaaawwww you sound so happy in this post. haw dear one. got your fabadabadoo cactus card and will post it on thursday. love ya lo.

  2. An inspiring and natural set, Laurel. I can't help but think that MTV's "The Real World" has always been way off track.

  3. That big guy reminds me of the children's book Ferdinand the Bull sitting out and smelling the flowers. All the photos are terrific. Happy Animal Wednesday. Nice you met your friend again!

  4. love that grey donkey - he's adorable.

    Glad you had a good day, HAW

  5. what fun photos. love the donkey colors among the rocks.

  6. What a handsome brute with those big horns. His pasture pals are good looking too. Especially Jenny. Don't you just love her face?!

  7. What a great post......was relieved when you finally mentioned that you and your friend found the animal while on a ride. For a minute there, your friend appeared to be the, well, you know, the animal!!! I know, the animals are our friends! What a group, love the donkey!!! Have a radiant day Lolo and hope you lol often today!

  8. Oh wow, Lolo, great photos and such fun commentary.


  9. Went and met with the priest today. Oh boy, oh boy.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  10. Wow what a lovely day to meet all these beauties!
    I love that picture of that bull from behind! Gorgeous!
    Today I met a donkey too!
    I took a tennis lesson this morning and this donkey was just standing there when we went back to the car.
    They have a lot of donkeys here!
    Glad you had a good time!

    hugs >M<

  11. Loved the photos. Loved the peek a boo donkey. Looks so green around there. :))

  12. is it your camera?

    is it your talent?

    is it the season?

    these photos are top notch. i even like the close up ass, which i could easily copy and send to a couple of people i know...(just kidding)

    i can tell you had a good good day. and that make me happy and happy.


  13. That donkey is very cute. I would love to live around farmland and see all the animals. It looks so peaceful.

  14. Such a lovely set of photos Laurel! Very entertaining!!

  15. LOL...Great captures!!! Love the lush green vegetation!

  16. Smiling :} I loved the farm tour. What fun we had!