Friday, September 04, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Better late...

It's been a while since I've posted on Thankful Thursday. I had every intention to post yesterday, on time but then this happened! All of a sudden I was on all fours with shearing pain cutting through me. Trust me, I have thin ankles. This ankle is not normal.

So after two hours in urgent care today, here I sit with a big old boot on. What better time to list the things I got in the mail recently. If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know!!

Oh, they didn't find a fracture in my ankle but want to recheck it next week. If the swelling and pain are the same, time for an MRI.

I got this wonderful card from Linda at Stampmaiden just because she knows I love Frida Kahlo! It's a favorite card of hers that she had for years but unselfishly gave it away. What a doll! Thanks Linda!!

The stamped image was on the inside. So cool!

I got this packet of crazy finds from sweet Soulbrush! She even bought me "nothing!" (see lower left.) Only she could find something like nothing!
I'll use these goodies in collages that some of you will be getting. What a hoot!

Thanks, Jossie. You know I'm crazy about you!

Lynn sent me this beautiful postcard sized quilt of a beach scene because she had a drawing for her blogaversary. See the beach umbrella and the sun and the waves? I just adore these mini quilts!! Thanks so much Lynn. Wowee!!

My dear pal KJ bought me this T-shirt in Ptown. Why in the world would she think of me for this shirt? Hah!! I love it KJ. It's definately me!

And she also bought me this sweet wall decor as a housewarming gift. She thought it might go on my sunporch but for now it's in my computer/art room.

I love it! Thanks for being so sweet KJ and for always being so thoughtful.

I really feel like someone or something is being left out. I hope not.

Excuse me, I'm going to go ice my foot now!

Thanks everyone, really. xoxo


  1. What wonderful art. Now that ankle is a different thing. OUCH! My daughter used to do that to herself playing basketball. You will get better but...until then take care. Get that ankle up and keep the ice on it.

  2. OMG, I rushed over when I read your comment on Lisa's blog!!!
    Poor Lolo!
    What an ankle, like an elephant!
    That must hurt.
    Maybe this will force you to rest a little. Just do enjoyable things dear!
    The Frida card is gorgeous. I got a gorgeous Frida tag/hanger from Linda which I LOVE and have hanged in my hall.
    Soul's gifts are great. Love that bowl of nothing!!!!!! had to laugh so much!
    Yes only Soul could find this!
    Lynn's quilt is so sweet! Lovely beach scene!
    And KJ's gifts are so perfect for you!

    I have this fear too of forgetting something on TT........

    You take care now!
    Sending you healing vibes from across the ocean!

  3. OH NO!!! You poor girl! It looks PAINFUL. On the other hand, you are now required to make tons of art!!!!!!!!!

    Healing Hugs to feel better.

    Love all your arty gifts!!!

  4. Ouch now that looks sore.

    Your scores are awesome.

    Now for something completly different.

    My blog today and your comment:


    You are the only one that got it.

    B is Sheldon and Nathan playing batman and dressing as him 24/7.

    L is Sheldon how I pretend to see him now when he is sleeping.

    D is Sheldon having new and different adventures.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  5. oh my goodness, that is some swelling. oh dear. How wonderful to be surrounded by so many beautiful gifts from lovely friends. Be well, Suki

  6. OHMYGOD...elephantitis! I do hope this heals quickly with no need for further medical intervention. Let's hope! Yikes. Sorry you are hurting.

    Wonderful gifts! Wonderful Art. Nothing!? yes, Only Soul!!! LOL

    Glad you like your little quiltlet.
    That's you under the umbrella!


  7. OW!!! Hope you recover have indeed been blessed with some awesome art!

  8. that kj: can't she think about anything but birds?

    i think she is trying to bribe you for affection.

    sincerely yours,

  9. Oh my, Laurel, that's some ankle!! Rest up my dear and I hope the swelling goes down quickly! That's a lovely haul of gifts you've got there!

  10. wonderful stuff you got but oh boy that poor foot! do you think it was from the walk the other day? Rest and ice, not much more to do. Do you think your subconsious is telling you to slow down?

  11. Ouch that's a stinker!!!!!
    Put that leg up immediately lady!!!

  12. sooo late visiting. oh my god, that foot looks so sore. lo,no more chorse for you, not more walking for a while. rest and ice and lotsa wine(no not for the foot! for you!)
    have fun with all these things and remember that i gave you'nothing' as you have everything.after all you have me. xxxx

  13. What a wonderful collection of arty things you received Lolo. That Frida card is wonderful, Linda is so thoughtful. All those goodies from Soul, what fun you're going to have and I love that t shirt!!

    Your poor foot, how huge it looks. I do hope it's come down a bit by now. xxxxx

    Lolo, did you ever receive your Mondrian ATC? I sent it to the Walnet street address I would think. If not, I will make you another, I have a photo!

  14. Oh mY! I hope your foot is better now. I had an ankle just like yours but I was 7 months pregnant and was standing/cooking all day for a party of 100 people in 35C heat. Lucky for you, you have all those sweet gifts from your freinds!