Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Bunnies

I was loving the crispness of the hint of fall today so I took a little stroll around my backyard. Lo and behold I saw a few bunnies! Who knew?

Pssst! Over here in the strawberries and ivy! It's me, Mortimer!

Come join me!

This is Little Nell. She doesn't want Summer to be over yet.

This is Gramps. He's really, really old and sometimes grouchy. Please don't tell him I said that!

Here's Mom and Dad. They sit under the lamplight on the front yard and protect us from Laurel's dog, Emma.

Just look at her! All fangs and ferociousness. Grrrr!

Happy Animal Wednesday, and watch your backside!


  1. Hello Lolo.
    Greeting from Malaysia.
    I am happy that you love the gifts.
    I also love bunnies, they are cute creatures.

  2. Ahh what a delightful post!
    I just finished painting and am about to go to bed.
    This is the perfect way to close the day, with a smile in my heart!
    What a lovely family of bunnies you have!
    And Emma sure looks ferocious......not , but I bet she can chase rabbits.

    and hugs, also for Emma! She is soooo cute

  3. Awwwwwww, such cute little bunnies...looks like they have multiplied on you!!! I love little Emma. Our first 'fur baby' was part rat terrier, boy could she jump! Have a good evening and a great day Lolo!!!

  4. Aw, what friendly bunnies you found and so darn cute. And I bet they don't eat the veggies out of the garden.


  5. These are the kind of bunnies to have in your garden for sure. The other bunnies leave their calling cards piled up where Emma could roll in it or worse eat it. UGH...
    Happy Animal Wednesday.

  6. Emma looks like a little sweetie - not ferocious at all....except sometimes those little dogs can be nippers!

  7. HaHa Love the bunnies..emily may have to visit to play with the other rabbits...


  8. ooooh, it's all my relatives

    most sincerely,

    guess who
    hint v.v.

  9. Love the bunnies Lolo and they will leave all your flowers and new shoots intact - what could be better? Emma is very sweet too.

  10. so cute to see all those quiet bunnies. I didn't see any jelly beans so Emily must still have all of hers.

    haw to you and to sweet emma


    well, that's a fine way to start my morning....

  12. emma scared them so ,and they turned to stone!

  13. Are they all yours? Lovely photo series of bunnies topped off with ferocious Emma who clearly has them all under control!