Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Across the miles

This week I'm thankful for the chance to buy a wonderful painting from my (our) friend Soulbrush in London who finally opened an Etsy shop! When I get enough money together I'm going to frame this regally and hang it in a place of honor. I love it! It's a baobob tree inspired by her South African roots. (No pun intended!) Keep at it Jossie! xoxo

Dearest Marianne sent me my Quan Yin card in a pink sparkly bag. I just love her! And she also surprised me with this wonderful blue hydrangea ATC with a special message and drawing on the back. It was a perfect get-well message when I needed it. Thank you Marianne! Your heart is huge.

Marianne also included this wonderful postcard and sweet note. This image is so soothing to me.

And it all came in this beautiful Buddha card. It's an image I will look at often.

You sure do know me Marianne! Bless you for these gifts of the heart.

Then I was pleasantly surprised by our friend in Malaysia, Yoon See! She sent a whole assortment of goodies:a bookmark, prints and cards, a commemorative stamp in a fancy presentation, and 3 of her prints below.

Thank you ladies. I'll always treasure these gifts from afar, but mostly I'll treasure what your friendship has come to mean to me.

Blessings and love,



  1. Isn't Thankful Thursday just the best? I love it and all the beautiful art you have acquired from around the world literally!

  2. Everything is so beautiful!! Talk about universal friendships!

  3. yes we are all having a ball!!! so glad you have the baobab, and am honoured that you wanted it. yahooo xxx

  4. Wow it is not only fun getting all this mail but also visiting all the others and see what they got!
    Like Christmas!


  5. You are well loved dear friend. Well loved.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Wow! Lucky you!- but really not much to do with luck as it is to do with you just plain deserving great friends-- you get what you give-- well-- if you're lucky- haha.
    I've been missing visiting here- love your new header!!!! Hope you are well.

  7. I opened up your post and saw the Thankful painting and without reading, I thought of Thanksgiving. Nice painting.

  8. You have so much to be thankful for Lolo. Just wonderful.

  9. Oh, lucky Lolo! It's such fun to receive gifts from afar!

  10. You are welcome lolo.
    You got so many beautiful gem gifts from different talented artist friends.
    I hope you love them.
    I will send you more in the near future.
    Thanks for being patience with me.
    I love to be your friend:)
    Happy weekend in advance.

  11. The painting took my breath away in an instant.