Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday Snippet 2

Photograph taken in the zen gardens of WA in Provincetown, MA.
If you ever get there, be sure to stop in this magical store with Asian decor and items for the home and garden.


  1. Lolo, I love this photo!!!
    Would love to see it huge---the doors have me fascinated!
    I have been having trouble with Blogger misbehaving---if I go missing from the blogs for a bit I am sure it is related to all that new crappy code they are pushing down.
    So I have not disappeared....just trying to worm my way into blogland...LOL!


  2. Hi Lo! Isn't that the truth? I was just talking about this very thing to my hub yesterday. :)) I love the photo, that worn wood is lovely. Happy weekend, my friend! xox Pam

  3. I have lways been drawn to the mystery of old doors....what do they conceal, what mysteries are inside?

    This is lovely....and the words so powerful.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. This is lovely!
    Wonderful quote and so well with the picture! It is perfect, like all you create;)
    I have worked in the garden all day and now I am enjoying a wine. Tonight we eat out with a tennis group we are in (we are in a few.......)
    The weather was lovely today as promised.
    Any signs of spring there yet?

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. This is are all your recent blog posts... I read them all...regularly...and leave comments...irregularly. Nonetheless, they make me smile...always! :) Your words and your art are vitamins to my spirit! :) Thanks! ♥xo

  6. Beautiful and true.
    Thank you for your kind words about Spike.

  7. i was there too and i treasure that time as much now as i did then ♥

    i love these cards, lo. i want a whole deck that i can shuffle. i do....

    we'll be in wa again. some things are certain


  8. I suppose it goes without saying that in true dialogue both sides are willing to exchange and listen to each other too. I have had so many so called dialogues in which I never had a chance to say anything.

    /Beautiful doors and lovely card.

  9. love thich nhat hanh, how perfectly the words go with your photo. very nice idea lo!

  10. Words of wisdom from Thay - can't go wrong there.