Friday, April 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Journey

As she set out on her solo journey by lantern light, her friends stayed close by to ensure her safety.

For Illustration Friday: journey

This is my winning entry for a poster contest in 2005 for a festival in Pacific Grove, CA

Today is hubby's birthday so I had to pull something from my archives because I'm busy making dinner for friends. I had forgotten all about this piece which I so enjoyed doing!
I hope you enjoy it too! I had to print the PDF and then scan the copy. This is the best I could do.

Happy weekend!


  1. Oh, how I love this! It is definitely a winner!

    Whimsical and lovely and that little otter is making me smile.

    Enjoy the birthday goings-on! :)

  2. The light in this is wonderful and yes, the otter is special!

  3. I love the color scheme and the sense that there's lots more to this story.

  4. I know you will be having a good time with friends coming over. Happy Birthday hubby. Have a great weekend. Love the poster too by the way.

  5. It is always such fun when you show old work as I haven't seen all yet. So this is a new one to me.

    Happy Bday to Bri!
    Have a wonderful dinner!!!!!
    Know it will be fun and delicious

    Hugs to both of you

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby, and I love this piece! (actually, I'm glad you had to pull one from the vaults as I think we all enjoy seeing each other's older work!)
    Hope you both have a wonderful day and a delightful evening of fun!


  7. This is ENCHANTING! I love it.

    Ummm....I smell chocolate me a piece!


    ♥ LS ♥

  8. I love the fireworks in the background and the reflected lights on the surface of the water. I was thinking the illo you have at the top of your blog, with the migrating (?) birds would also have suited the topic. It's is one of my favorites.

  9. feels asian. Happy Birthday to hubby. Have fun.

  10. Are you missing being there for the lantern festival? We were just reading about the story "The Lady in the Moon" in our first grade classes. I wish the kids could see first hand the festival (and also experience those deep fried artichokes!) Hope life is still filled with amazingness!

  11. This is charming. No wonder it won.
    You hubby is celebrating his birthday today & we are celebrating our 44th wedding Anniversary. A great day for us both! :))

  12. This is very touching, Laurel. Somehow I think it would be very meaningful in the Japan of today.

  13. Fabulous painting Lolo and so appropriate in these days of sorrow in Japan.

  14. Yahooo you found me.Am sooo glad to be back with youse guys again. Oooh Lo I love your wittle rabbit too, he is too precious for words.
    Hope you well settled now and having fun in your new studio, we will catch up all our news soon. Hugs and wfs my sweet friend.

  15. Beautiful!Real friends are always near:)

  16. Happy bday to Bri !

    I did an "awww" when I saw this. Very peaceful.

  17. Lovely piece, Laurel. Hope it was a very happy day!!

  18. I can see asian inspiration and some impressionism influence too :)
    Beautiful ♥

  19. very well done and a powerful image. This has hope woven through it. I needed this, so thanks!

    Big Hugs!

  20. This is so great LOLO! I love those animals!! Wonderful illo. :o)

  21. Awesome painting!
    Happy Birthday to your DH.
    Lots of birthdays this month in blogland families. ;-)

  22. Breath...taken...away...!!!Happy chills of just "knowing" you flood my heart...this is seriously cool!