Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Ain't nobody here but us chickens...

...and Crowned Cranes,

And the always elegant Sandhill Cranes.

I especially love this shot from above through the bare branches. It has an Asian art feel to it. Just add softly falling snow....NO, forget the snow!
These are a few shots I took at Roger Williams Park Zoo last week.
Be sure to enlarge the photos.
Next week I'll show a group of...stay tuned!

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. I love the straight on shot of the Crowned Crane with the *hair* going everywhere.....that describes my week, and TODAY especially! LOL!!
    Great photos~~love all the birds!


  2. Oh, these are SO neat and photogenic. We have lots of Sandhill cranes back in Wis so it is interesting to see these species. No crowns up there.


  3. Crowned cranes are one of my favorite. I'm not sure but are they only found in Africa? anyway, watching them as they step through the dry grass (same color as their crown) is such a treat. The Sandhill migrates here, but leaves after a short time. We've still never seen one. Looks like you had FUN at the zoo!

  4. This is a wonderful post. I absolutly LOVE Chickens and Birds of all sorts. What fun you had.

  5. oh, my favs are the chickens - how fluffy they look. lovely photos and I haven't been to that zoo in donkeys years

  6. The designs on the chickens feathers call to be drawn and quilted! Oh my goodness such living art they are!!!

    And the cranes so stately and elegant!

    Happy Animal Wednesday to you too.

  7. According to Felix he was delivered by the crowned crane (Instead of the stork) when I showed him. He is sleeping so he missed your bunny but I will show him tomorrow :)


  8. Luv the Chickens! They are really beautiful! And the Egrets and Cranes..... (That Felix....he WOULD decide he was delivered by a Crowned Crane! Ha-ha!)

    Great Photos.....


    ♥ LS ♥

  9. I agree, that last shot has a real Asian slant - lovely! Love the chooks - I'd love to keep some when we move back to UK!

  10. Is this Roger Williams the pianist??? How neat. These bird shots are gorgeous! All of the chicken varieties are just lovely!!!