Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Spit Happens

We all know how camels, llamas and alpacas can and DO spit at people, but these two were very well behaved. My camera lens wasn't a target, at least that day.
This guy was a riot! So friendly and curious. 

Such a poser!

Their feet fascinate me. They're like discs on the bottom with no indication of those two toes. And they seem so fluid! Just plain weird.

Don't forget to embiggen all these photos :)

You talkin' to me???

This darker guy was a bit more shy.

hahaha! Can you read the words?

Awwwwwww. Camel ♥ love

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. You had so much fun at the zoo. I love camels. Their eyes are what facinate me. Those long lashes that keep out sand storms and too much sun. Just beautiful creatures.

  2. oh they do have the sweetest faces! what surprised me the first time i saw one was it's size, their huge! well, maybe it was because a child was leading it, but they are really large animals. your pair is adorable!

    happy aw lo!

  3. I love those "Ships of the Desert"! Their faces are so expressive - and those feet..well, they enable them to glide through those desert dunes gracefully - rather like a ship!

    Great their eyelashes too! (One must "embiggen" to see them!)



    ♥ LS ♥

  4. I love camels! Thank you for all the wonderful photos. xoxo

  5. Camels! Love 'em. What's not to like? They have the dearest eyes, the longest lashes, they move like a ship on the sea.

    They look so soft, Laurel. I would have wanted to hop that fence and give him a hug.

  6. yes they are cute, and i think they have three eyelids, is that correct?

  7. Really a regal looking fellow if you ask me! Glad you didn't get a spit in the eye!

  8. If a camel did spit
    I probably would sit
    shocked and wet--
    this is no pet!
    Then I just might regret
    my humanly fit!

    No! No! Camel, you can't
    decide on a rant
    aimed at my head:
    pick rush lumbaugh instead!
    Or a stranger named Ted
    for me, a tiny smooch instead?

    written over coffee at the roost cafe where I've decided to cozy up for a short lovely time

  9. Oh shoot! I screwed up the last line!!!!!

    Has to rhyme with can't!

    Where is my rhyming dictionary when I need it?


  10. OMG I love that last photo. What a great photo op. All of them were great shots but that last one was special.

  11. Aww! Great shots and tenderly captured. Thank you (and I'm happy you got away dry)!

  12. And....they are fun to sketch!!!! So I hope to see some.
    Those words are a hoot!!


  13. During the gold rush, they actually brought camels here as pack animals. It turned out the idea didn't work so they turned them loose. There were sightings for years of the camels! Your photos reminded me of them.

    Such lovely eyelashes! I love your last photo...don't they look as if they're smiling?

  14. I've always been fascinated with camels - their calm walk and funny feet and eyelashes. perfect desert animals - I agree. Yours seem rather nice and tame.

  15. The last shot is so sweet! Also loved the dialogue above! These are quite cuddly looking camels - sometimes they're very tatty and boy, can they smell bad and make a lot of noise! Saw a lot of them when we lived in the Middle East!!

  16. Ahhh that last shot!!
    So cute!
    Yes they are fascinating. Love their eyes!
    Great pictures Lo!

    Still at Bro's . No word from my work yet...... Must say I really enjoy my time here so please don't call :)
    Again a sunny warm day it will stay like this all week!
    Maybe I can clean my bro's windows and tonight I will make lasagna for them.

    Yesterday I saw Myrthe and ate Vietnamese springrolls there. Josje is doing well. She looks much wiser.

    Hope you had a fun AW!


  17. I want those eyelashes! I love the camel love - so sweet. :) They really are the strangest looking creatures, but these two look like lovely chaps, gals, whichever. More coffee needed. xox Pam

  18. You know, when you think about it, these really are strange looking characters. They are sort of prehistoric looking. Have they been around that long, I wonder?
    Anyway, they are fun to watch.
    (Love your commentary!)

  19. ...and embiggen I most certainly did! :) Super fun captures...great personalities! :)

  20. how funny! my daughter volunteered for a while at the oakland zoo which has a couple of camels. didn't get within spitting range. ;-)

  21. Camels are cute, if sometimes ornery, creatures. But I've been bitten on the head TWICE by llamas so I bear them a bit of ill will.

  22. Cute photo's!! Camels are adorable - have you ever noticed how soft their fur is? It's amazing! And those big eyes...