Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Animal Wednesday: The Eyes Have It!

Some of you have already seen these via email, but I felt compelled to share them with others ;)

Doesn't Emma look like some kind of wild dog with the sun hitting that one eye?? Freaky! (And she IS wild!)

And this was taken the same day after Bliss reclaimed her bed from wild dog!
Doesn't she have the most beautiful, bluest eyes?
I'm so grateful for her recovery. And she's down a little more than five pounds!! Wooo-hoooo! We've worked very diligently and carefully to reduce her weight.
If only I liked cat food, I could be my thin self again!

HAW to all of you!!


  1. Put me on the cat diet too....LOL!!!
    Emma looks large and IN CHARGE!!! Poor kitty, having her bed snitched.... ;-)
    Cool photos Lolo!


  2. Neat pix of them. They seem to be having fun with this also.


  3. They are BOTH adorable, furry Divas - and they know it! Love Emma's "wild eye"....and Blissy looks fantastic!



    ♥ LS ♥

  4. let's all go on the bliss diet! cat food for everyone.
    They are both beautiful, lovely, lovely-eye, crazy-eyes lovey animals...on a wednesday

  5. The wild dog looks cute in Bliss's bed. Both beautiful animals. HAW.

  6. Your pets are adorable! Those blue eyes are just stunning! Congrats on reducing her weight - not easy! My daughter has been helping me with a 'regime' - which is (dare I say it?) really working!

  7. Bliss looks very healthy now and those ARE lovely blue eyes. Emma looks great too. How did you get the weight off of Bliss. Our Daisy is getting to heavy. Which is interesting as she is so picky.

  8. Haha!!!!! On a cat food diet. Maybe thats the solution..............Good for my tartar buildup....
    Wow yes those eyes!
    I know I could stare into those blue eyes forever......
    And when Felix saw that one of Emma he screamed wow mom look at those eyes!!!!!
    You are sure blessed with those 2 and I am happy they are doing so well at the moment.


  9. Emma and Bliss are looking wonderful in the sun. Bliss lost my entire cat, she only weighed five pounds, six after a kitty treat binge. I thought she was touching my cheek this morning trying to wake me up, but no only the pup, sigh.

  10. I must have caught a vibe-yesterday I followed a friend's Siberian Husky around taking shot after shot of his beautiful wolf eyes.

    What was even funnier was the Corgi got jealous-so I stooped over and shot a few of her lovely eyes too....

  11. Uh dietwise I still have two to work on-but most of the crew is back in fine shape. Winter was not kind to certain doggy waistlines at my house.

  12. hello emma! hello bliss! eyes loves your Mom!

    lo, guess what i did today? i showed several of your paintings to a 15 year old client who is flunking 7th grade after being kept back twice already, and i told her she could be you if that's what she wants. i told her it is good to have one thing that you are really good at, that it makes life easier and happier.

    she was most impressed.


  13. hee hee, you are so funny, ugg, cat food, all i have to do is smell it and i lose my appetite!

    i love the blue kitty eyes, she is so soft and pretty looking. i know owen would have a fabulous time with bliss and emma!!

    have a beautiful friday lo

  14. Beautiful captures...Still laughing about the cat food comment! :) Hugs! xo♥

  15. YES, Lo! You are on to something here! If I had to eat cat food, I would eat very, very little, and I would be thin in no time at all! Your critters have gorgeous eyes. Sophie, our shepherd mutt, has the most beautiful blue eyes. She uses them to get her way all the time - haha! Happy weekend to you. What kind of cat food should I be buying? xox Pam

  16. I see what you mean about the shadows : ) Beautiful!

  17. Emma and Bliss...two beauties! I love the wild woman!!!!!