Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animal Wednesday: penguins today and a tropical birdie

I always think of penguins as being bigger, like five feet tall. Especially Emperor penguins like the ones in the documentary, "march of the penguins." 
At least this exhibit wasn't bad. The penguins seemed happy and well loved. They all have colored arm bands so the viewers can read about who's who.

This guy looks like he has a friend stuck on his back, hence the commentary!

Hmmm, should I go for a dip?

This is the old timer. He stole my heart.

hey, who's behind me?
They're sure cute little things! 

This beauty was in the tropical enclosure. It was hot and humid in there. All us middle-aged women couldn't take the heat!!!
This bird kept flying directly above me and I just kept clicking away. At least I got this one shot where he isn't just a blur!
Does anyone know what he is? He's really the only thing I spotted in there.
Next week will be elephants and the giraffe :)

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Love penguins too! Last night I saw the new documentary about the pelican rescued and followed from the oil spill in the gulf. Your pelicans reminded me in your beautiful header painting!

  2. Another fun (albeit hot) animal adventure! This made me smile - thanks!

  3. So wonderful! Penguins are so funny! At our Academy of Sciences, they colour band them to keeo track of who is "married" to who... and sometimes....(gasp)..there are "affairs" fact, one of the Penguins has fallen in love with one of the caregivers....and follows him everywhere!

    That red-headed bird is fantastic! I hope someone will identify it!

    MUWAH, dear BS.


    ♥ LS ♥

  4. you're on a roll! I wish that penguin video had still been up - it was SO cute

  5. Penguins are so cute!!!
    There is a lot to be said about Zoos but being able to see these exotic animals up close has something to say for itself................
    It is an experience :)
    I bet you had a lot of inspiration for a lot of perfect pieces of art!


  6. They are so cute. I love how they walk or waddle. :)

  7. The penguins are interesting birds. They don't look like birds at all. THey look like little old men in tuxedos. I don't know what this bird is. I have seen something similar in Hawaii. HAW.

  8. they are so adorable? is their temperment adorable too?

    the older penguin touched my heart too, lo ♥


  9. interesting photos. love Robin's story of the mating penguins. Ha. I do not like zoos and penning up animals so will never go to one. i guess this is a vicarious visit!

  10. Looks like you had a great time Lo! watching penguins is so interesting, and funny!

    We were lucky to see them on the beach near Cape Town (i wonder if this is where Marianne saw them too?) we were so fasinated we stayed for hours, left, talked about them, decided to change our plans and went back to spend more time with the delightful african penguin!

  11. I love going to zoo's and watching those animals. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  12. Penguins are such comical characters!