Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Duck, Duck, Hubcap??

A couple of weeks ago Brian and I took a little day trip to The Fuller Craft Museum.
I was curious to see it because it used to be Fuller Memorial Art Museum where I won honorable mention for my portrait of Picasso thirty years ago!
Now it houses some of the finest crafts my artisans around the country.
This artist is famous for recyling hubcaps and other machine parts for his art.
C'mon, I'll show you a few things that caught my eye.
Be sure to enlarge the pics to see the details.

This amazing armoire was hand carved on the front doors, and the inside was so meticulousy painted you would have sworn it was wallpaper.

Look at this elegant hand carved dog table made out of mahogany and glass.
I don't know what wood the bones were made out of. But can you imagine the presicion the craftsman had to have to make it even??

This well put together lady greets you at the door. She's made by the same artist who made the duck.
I wonder how much trouble she has getting a bra to fit?

This chair was amazing! So sleek, and the inlays are sterling silver. Made by a woman!!
I didn't have anything to write on, otherwise I'd be giving credit to each artisan.

Delicate bowls made from real leaves. Wow. I thought of Mim and her paper bowls.

This lady seriously needs decaf!
She hand-builds these colorful sculptures to show the way water moves around the world. There are tiny signs in all of them with weather terms, etc.
The large wall made me dizzy! I can only imagine how many hours it took to install these. And they'll all have to be taken apart to pack it up. Wow!
There was an entire room full of them but I didn't want to shoot them all. It's one of those things you need to get up close to, anyway.

There were familiar sculptures that were there when it used to be the art museum.

And finally, I'll leave you with this whimsical giraffe lighthouse for today.
Happy Animal Wednesday!!


  1. I imagine that you came home full of inspiration. What beautiful art. That dog table and the hubcap duck is outstanding. What different ways to express ones self. HAW.

  2. Blogger really acting up for must type fast. Great photos....particularly love the dog table and the chair inlaid with silver....sigh.....

    You and Bri had a great day!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. All very interesting! I rather like the lady all hopped up on something - those are so colorful and unique! And the leaf bowls are so delicate and beautiful. Must have been fun to tour.

  4. OH WOW!!!!
    That seems to be the only appropriate thing to say...WOW.
    I love all the work shown~~this is what should define the use of the word *CRAFT*....and not the *CRAP* that gets called that around here....
    I am stoked!
    Thank you for the walk thru and a double Quack-Quack for the duck photos!


  5. What an amazing array of art. Thanks for taking us there!!!
    Love that duck!!!

  6. Wow Lovely whimsical items!
    Must have been a fantastic visit!!
    when I saw the leave bowls I thought of Mim's too,before I read your comment on the picture!


  7. Looks like an absolutely fascinating place. I loved all the art.


  8. OMG Lolo its fabulous!!!!
    Yeah and for me the dogtable,did it had a ridge on the back?
    And the giraffelighthouse......mmmm.

  9. Thanks for the Art tour. I LOVED that duck. Had to show my DH it. He loves things like that too.

  10. Can't wait to go there - must be inspirational. I love these leaf bowls - gotta figure that out

  11. WOW is a large understatement!
    I thoroughly enjoyed studying each of these, thanks for taking us along on your day trip, I loved it!
    Probably the duck and the lady the most!

  12. Holy cow, Batman, those are awesome! There is a museum in DC (the Renwick) next to the White House that has amazing stuff like this in it. I love to visit there. xox! Pam

  13. This looks like a great place to visit, i like your commentary too lo, funny! and you had a painting win a prize here? wow! awesome!

  14. What a lovely post - the ducks are such fun! Thanks for taking us along too!

  15. What a fabulous tour! Thanks for that. I don't know what I like best. I did like the woman sitting and I really like the pin-art weather chart. Really cool!

  16. what i like best is how much everyone here likes this post!

    nice to have a look at your esteemed peers, pp.


  17. sights for sore eyes, these beautiful crafts. thanks for sharing.

  18. Well - I thought I would scroll through, find a couple that I liked and say something nice. But! I didn't see anything I liked. I LOVED!!!! it all.

  19. I like the duck. But I covet the leaf bowls.

  20. Okay then, yes - the greyhound table for Jack. But the bowls for me. :-)