Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hopeful signs of Spring

I pulled this illustration over from my Moleskine blog because it seemed fitting for the day. I finally see hundreds of these little guys trying to pop up in the yard. It takes real finesse not to step on any of them because they're everywhere!
So, while I'm trying to come up with an illustration for this week's "IF", I'll post this cheerful piece for now!

I have had many requests to do a new "bag lady." Stay tuned, you never know!
Happy almost Spring!


  1. Lolo, it makes me feel like there is really HOPE for Spring!
    Love your header of the tranquil and just plain fine work!
    Dreary day here--rain predicted. Have to see if any of the moon photos turned out from the short window of time last night.


  2. Ahh, love those crocus! I once owned a garden full of them, but I've rarely seen one where I live now. The snow on the ground lasts too long, I think, and then when it is finally gone, it is usually far to warm to enjoy the crocus for long.

    Happy Almost Spring to you, Lo...we have a snow shower happening, so it might be a while for us!

  3. too early for crocuses here but happy to see yours.

  4. 6 inches of snow in the frontyard but the back is clearing - still to wet and cold to tromp around outside to check for signs of life

  5. Well you saw our spring. Its gorgeous, now if it would only quit raining and let us enjoy it. :)

  6. We have NO flowers in Taos yet, way too early, but we do have sunshine :-). Lovely illustration.

  7. No crocuses yet but I do see daffodils in my garden.
    Today was lovely. went to the beach and had lunch with Marja. (pictures on FB)
    Your crocus painting is just lovely!!!! So full of spring.
    And yes we all want to see a bag lady again.

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  8. "Stoem-Central" here....last night was "intense"... hundreds without power....I felt very lucky to not lose mine....and more rain a'comin'! Love your makes me believe Spring does exist! to FB now to see M & M's Beach photos!


    ♥ LS ♥

  9. oops...that should have read "STORM"....but "STOEM" does sound rather Dutch! Ha-ha!

    ♥ R ♥

  10. Darling little painting. I love crocus but I don't have any in my yard. Maybe later.

  11. "Hocous Pocous Crocous" is delightful.
    Such cute words.
    How exciting it must be to find hundred such little flowers popping up everywhere you look.
    Happy Spring thoughts.

  12. Crocus everywhere,just love them....
    Saw the real Magpie today,had to put my hands in my pockets almost knicked it ;))
    Can say the nest is mine now,payed for it felt so embarassed,totally forgot to pay it to M. its even more beautiful now.

  13. What a cheerful hopeful springlike painting lo! i hope the day you can say "SPRING is HERE!" comes very soon!

    We are having our first spring storm, and it's a big one, it's been raining hard for over 24 hours. Like a waterfall even. But i could still hear the birds singing. Love that!

  14. You are quite right. This spread is perfect for this time of year. Whoo hoooo...welcome spring.

  15. where is my comment?

    my comment just now is not the same one i thought i left yesterday.

    my comment today is WTF?!!!
    MORE SNOW????


    No! No!
    come on little crocus, we're rooting for you!

    &hearts (grrrr)

  16. Once you have crocuses out, the rest will inevitably follow.

  17. I can always tell when spring has sprung. my smiles get larger and more spontaneous. Love the hocus pocus crocous rhyme.