Sunday, March 06, 2011

Today's Offering

"Do not take lightly small good deeds,
believing they can hardly help.
For drops of water, one by one,
in time can fill a giant pot."

~Petrul Rinpoche~

I had forgotten all about this wonderful book that I used to keep on a table at Studio Lolo in Pacific Grove. Visitors to the studio always stopped to read the daily offering .
Yesterday, after living here for eighteen months, I decided to go through a few unpacked boxes of studio items. I was thrilled to uncover this gem so I can give myself the gift of  daily offerings once again. 
I have given a few of these as gifts. I highly reccommend getting your hands on a copy.
Little Buddha Emma agrees ;)

The above photo was taken at a zen garden in Provincetown on a day trip with KJ and Marianne♥


  1. small offerings, to see them and acknowledge them and to give them. thanks for the thought and book recommendation. rain comes here today too.

  2. Beautiful words......and so true! Sometimes we forget them...and it is so important NOT to.

    Love the P-Town the "Emma-Buddha".....the offering book must have some lovely gems within.

    I am happy that YOU (like Suki) are beginning to unpack treasures and make them a part of your life again.


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. It's raining here too!

  3. The gifts we give to ourselves will manifest into larger gifts to pass on to others.
    Be kind to Lolo~~~she's a talented artist and deserves it! ;-)


  4. Awe!!! Little Buddha Emma!!! What a beautiful book...I will look for one! Thanks for showing, Laurel.

  5. Lovely words. Happy Sunday! xoxo

  6. I love this book Lo, and what a special post you've made with it.

    I have given it for a gift too (not in the mail, it weighs a ton!) Have you seen Origins - African Wisdom and Wisdom - Thoughts from Indian Masters? they are all the same size and format, and completely lovely. I love how buddism, african and Indian all say such similar things.

    I am wishing the authors would make an American Indian book next with their beautiful wisdom. I would LOVE that!

    So fun you uncovered this book again, enjoy!


  7. the little things that aren't little. this photo of simply stones and water offers such serenity.

    and i was there on such a perfect day. come to think of it, every time, where ever we've been, it's been the kind of gift you're talking about.


  8. beautiful poem and picture. I think we all wonder sometimes if the little things we do matter at all in the big scheme of things. I know it does, but it's so hard to see the good sometimes.

  9. Beautiful post Lolo ,thank you.....

  10. Lovely book lo. I'm trying to think of something clever to say about you and water and how you give all the time and the bucket is full - but can't think of clever words. I guess I want to say how much I realize that this move has been hard for you but I'm so glad we're friends and gotnto meet in actual person.

  11. Beautiful post. The Little Buddha Emma is adorable, as is the zen fountain. Hope all is well with you.

  12. aw, (I mean om) I always wanted a Buddha dog and cat, your Buddha Emma is adogable. I always have to remind myself little things matter too in this world of big things.

    I'm meditating to help heal my thumb (a little wine helps too!) I was off in worry-land when I was chopping and oops. Brought me back to earth rather quickly. I hope the surgery takes and I don't lose it :D

  13. Many small offerings may one great invitation.

  14. Lovely picture! Lovely quote!
    Yes I remember ;)
    I love those kind of books! And that Emma Buddha!!!!! Did you make it? Where does that come from. It is wonderful
    One day off line and so many questions....

    Just got back from Rotterdam ......
    I am tired...
    See u tomorrow


  15. Your photo made me think that spring might have sprung up your way. It is fun to unpack forgotten boxes. It is better than going shopping because you know you like what you chose to keep. The book sounds like a good one.

  16. I love finding things long forgotten! Lovely post - have a happy week!x