Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Meet Fiona, a dear friend's cat who lives in Pacific Grove. She's a mere five pounds and a real spitfire. Typical for an Abysinnian. I miss her! She's quite difficult to photograph because she's all over the place, but this day she was being flirtatious and I happened to be ready! I think she makes a nice model for my print.

Now, about my comfort zone! Yesterday KJ posted some marketing advice, and even though I already have the booklet she used examples from, I felt like she was aiming the advice at me personally. 
When she visited me in December just before Christmas, I took her to one of my most favorite shops. The shopkeeps are a delightful husband and wife creative force. I never want to leave once I step inside. Well, KJ has been bugging me to introduce my wares because she thought my art would be a good fit there. I hate doing that!
But yesterday I printed four cards that I thought would reflect the good taste of the shop, walked in, apologized for cold-calling and walked out with a huge order and new friends!
Please have a look around at Grasmere. You won't want to leave! 

Here's another bonus to this meeting. Beth, the wife of the team is also a well known area dog trainer who has been looking for someone with pet nursing skills to help with some of her clients! I hope to be working with her to help animals soon.
 It was serendipity yesterday.
Thank you KJ, and also to Peter and Beth and their sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback greeter, Mattie.♥


  1. OH LO! that's awesome. You did it!! Wonderful courageous you. But of course they wanted your art, they are no doubt congratulating themselves on their own good fortune, having you walk through the door.
    Well done! and now your comfort zone has just turned into the 'I DID IT' zone!!

    wonderful news, i'm really so happy for you. and now i'm off to check the links you've given us.

    have a great day!

  2. i'm back from the store, wow! how beautiful it looks there, your things will fit perfectly.i like how they have seasons,spring is on the way (i hope soon for you) now you'd better get busy and fill those orders!! how fun!

    and beth has a great site too, i wish we were closer, i know a little someone who could use her services.

  3. OHMYGOODNESS art sales and a job all in one day? Bravo for you for being brave and making that "cold call" as you called it. sounds like a friendship may have bloomed here as well. Way to go Lolo!!!


    our time in this shop was one of my best holiday experiences. and we'll do it again this spring.

    you are building a community there, lo. it's all happening.


  5. YEah!!!!
    making a happy dance here!
    You are brave , but you have to be!
    Of course you got an order . And a good contact. You keep that ball rolling now girl!
    If I would live there I would promote your work dear, you know.
    Lovely shop they have and your work fits there!!!!
    So happy for you!


  6. It sounds like your prayers have been answered Lolo. This is wonderful. You have great friends, old and new.

  7. Yea for kj for helping you push forward. It was Kimet for sure!!!!
    Your time has come for good things to happen.

  8. Dear "BS" - I AM SO PROUD of you! We ALL are in constant awe of your art...Fiona is a little green-eyed dream!

    This IS YOUR YEAR.... I feel it.... time for the WORLD to discover Studio Lolo and all that it encompasses!

    Hugs and Love from your LS,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Oh Lolo, fabulous news!!! Just fabulous. I am so happy for you.

  10. that kj is so smart and is such an inspiration and an awesome friend. she deserves a friend just like you, don't you think so?

    an anonymous fan


  11. Thanks everyone, you sweet friends!

    It's not a job, but hopefully an opportunity to bring my animal nurturing to someone else who needs it. I do hope she looks into my background and calls me if needed.
    Meanwhile, my cards are in their wonderful, classy shop!

    So, I'll keep painting and showing up. That's all I can do ;)♥

  12. Congratulations on taking the plunge Laurel! Good for you!!! The shop is just beautiful and your wares will be so perfect for it! I'm going to spend a week in Grasmere (in England!!) this summer - it's a beautiful little place in the English Lake District - where William Wordsworth lived and wrote his poetry - he wrote of the place 'The loveliest spot that man hath ever found' and I couldn't agree more!
    I wish you lots of luckxx

  13. Oh Lo! I have tears in my eyes I'm so happy! Off to visit the shop.

  14. Bravo Lo! I think you should show them the journals and other things too. Lovely card and cat and congrats on the new work! Marketing our work is never easy, and I find that lack of time is my main problem, but we must be brave and do it! Bravo again! XOXO

  15. Good for you for taking such a big step. Oftentimes the first step on any big adventure is the hardest. Getting past the first one almost guarantees that you will take a second.

    Here's to your journey!

    Frank Chambers

  16. I like that handsome cat!

  17. Oh, good for you! Congratulations!!

  18. astonishing what evolves when you put yourself out into the world. others see and love your so many talents. congratulations for all this heartening news!!! Hurrah.

  19. How did I miss your great news!?

    It's a tough thing to do and I'm so happy that you put yourself out there. I have such a good feeling about it all and know you will do very well. If I'm ever in the vicinity, I will visit that shop!

    This makes me feel really good today, thank you, lolo!!!!