Monday, October 04, 2010

YART 2010: behind the scenes in pictures

Sweet, Exhausted Stella with her new toy from Aunt Robin.
What a weekend! Very magical and delightful.
I'm so glad I was a part of it, and to think I met even more bloggers in person as well as other non-blogging wonderful friends.
It was my pleasure to spend this time with you.♥
Here are just a few pics behind the scenes because yes, I always forget to take photos during the event. 

party goers!
Hi Pam :)

pets allowed, all shapes and sizes!

Oh so shiny sista-shoes!

an exhausted Emily rabbit in the pumpkin patch

~keeper of the wine~
(Thank you JB)

Beautiful Tess, much-loved member of an amazing family ♥


mesmerizing melodies


or Pinnochio?

(doesn't matter. He stole my ♥)

Heading home on the back roads and finding painting inspiration...

...and objecting residents! He mooed as if he were a watch-cow!
(look at the evil eye I'm getting.)

And finally, back in my studio a gorgeous afternoon glow to welcome me home.
This was one helluva beautiful weekend!
Thank you KJ and JB♥


  1. OH nice pictures Lo!
    Indeed all looks so delightful!
    Maybe next year again?
    And then I try to drag Marja along?
    Are those yours and robin shoes?
    Lots of puzzle pictures ;)
    Glad you had such a great time!!


  2. so nice to meet you at last Lolo and see your wonderful art works. it was an intense and fun event for sure. mooo

  3. SO much fun! And yes, new non-blogging friends! Jim and I had a wonderful time with you and yours...and the pictures are wonderful,Sweetie! Mini Me

  4. marianne, you bet!! Next year with marja for sure!♥

    Suki~it was wonderful to meet you finally! And nice to finally hug you as well♥

    Susan!!! You're cracking me up sista!! I do have a nice pic of the three sisters but I hate to show myself. Look on my profile and email me so I can send it to you.♥

  5. Oh so wonderful,,the photos,the art, the friends old and new!
    Love seeing kj/jb's house,,and Stella.
    What hostesses, and what an event!
    Doesn't get much better,,,

  6. I can tell that you had a marvelous time. That young man is a cutie no wonder you were smitten.

  7. Great photos of the weekend. Everyone had a different take on what to take of the weekend. I love it. but did anyone get Suki in the photos? or am I just not seeing her? Looks like it was a blast.

  8. Babs~having Chewey there made me think of you! It was great having her there.
    And Miss Stella, what a doll to put up with all the hullaballoo! That's how she is though, perfect in every way. And yes, they are the hostesses with the mostess!

    Puro~I must come by and see you two! Thank you for your loyal visits :)

    Cris~I didn't always have my camera handy and it was hard to leave your table too often with all the people that were milling about and browsing. I sure hope SOMEONE was able to take her picture. It was such a pleasure to finally meet her.
    I hope you're feeling great!♥

  9. Lo, Your behind the scenes photos are great! Not many of us took photos inside, I didn't. - Oh, and I missed my chance to snap a shot of Suki. - It was wonderful to see your eyes... and the rest of your face in real life 3-D.

  10. Lo, I missed talking to you this weekend and I am so sad. I am happy that it was a wonderful weekend for all involved. Love the photos and I love that Stella and her new toy.xoxo

  11. oh Annie, you have NO idea how much we tried to find the time to call you! And when we finally all caught our breath it was Sunday morning and Robin said you were already at work :(

    I know this is a small consololation but you were very missed and very much thought of ♥

    I'm sure Robin will talk to you soon ;)


  12. Hey lolo! :))) Thank you for the shout-out. I am glad to know that Emily Plush and Francine were keeping an eye on things. I wish I could have been there, too. Your studio window is gorgeous! xox Pam

  13. Great photos Lo! it's been so much fun to peek at all these (and everyone else's yart photos).
    Your table looked amazing, i would have had a hard time choosing a favorite work of art!

    And lolo, i saw photos of you, i saw the beauty that's you, the wonderfully generous talented kind you.

    I am so glad the Yart was such a smashing sucess.

  14. I love the metallic shoe photo! You did a much better job than I of getting people photos - that is just not my strength. But I think I have about a week's worth of posting i want to do with pictures from the trip.

    It was so great to meet you!

  15. i can't end the day without stopping by to tell you that having my dearest friend to share in all this was super special. thank you for being here, and for everything. i really don't even know how to describe the magic of it.

    love love

  16. But I told Robin I had Sunday off?
    Misunderstanding. Kj and Robin did call later Sunday. I knew Saturday would be too busy. I don't blame you :-), it looks like there was a lot to do! I thought about you all, the whole weekend, and that is a BIG consololation. Love.

  17. Wowowow that looks like a Party!!!
    With lovely people and doggies,and no Lolo that cow loves you to :))
    Wish that some day there are cows in the meadow in front of our house they relax me....
    Well Beautje also my brownie,for now my offdays are all used,if not I would go with M. tomorrow to Malasia.
    But for 2011 I will get new ones :))
    So glad you enjoyed yourself,

  18. Lololoooo.. you did an outstanding job of capturing Friday and Saturday's "happenings" at #9! Each photo brought it all back to me.....and I am so happy you took the Raven-balloon photo before he "melted".

    Love the silver shoes must send it to me and also the "Three Sistas" Shot....(just for my eyes..)

    I had a long nap today and I have the faint return of a voice... so hopefully we will talk tomorrow.

    I just don't have the words - but you know what my heart is feeling.
    Think of your Avatar.....and that's the emotion I feel - to a t!


    ♥ Robin ♥