Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday: 100 on the cuteness meter!

I was on my way to Tiverton the other day to drop off more paintings and cards to the gallery when I decided to go down a side road to look for photo opportunities.
Look who I found!

He's such a short, stocky little guy and soooo friendly!! He wasn't camera shy at all.

This is his beautiful friend. She was protective of her little guy ;)

Awwwwww! 100% on the cuteness meter!

Rhode island has many beautiful marshes. I took this shot to hopefully use for a painting one day soon. I'd love to live in one of those houses and have this quiet view.
I believe this is Sapowket Marsh. Many of the names are from Native Americans who were here first.

This is a small pond in someone's front yard. Such pretty reflections.
It was a wonderful day followed by clam chowder and beer battered fries for lunch.

Happy Animal Wednesday and happy Fall!


  1. I can see some cards in that gallery with those sweet horses on them by you! And your area is so so beautiful. Wow!!! HAW!!!

  2. adorable and so nice to see the landscape. sounds like a fun day for you!

  3. Adorable pony! Love the Horse too...and his protectiveness!

    The marsh views are so lovely....full of peace and wonderful it would be to wake up to such a picture!

    The last photo resembles Suki's pond a little....

    HAW! Love to Bliss, Emma, you and that "Fear the Beard" person!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. What a perfect place to put your Art work. And not far from the big towns for them to come visiting and shopping. Thats an adorable pony. and love the marsh photos too. I know you will create something wonderful from them.

  5. Awwwww. You are so right. Absolutely adorable! :) Beautiful country - I can't wait to see the painting that you do from that pic. xox!

  6. I love marshes. How serene it would be to live right by one...the bird song would be quite lovely! Your photo has lovely would make a remarkable painting.

    The horses were a sweet find, for sure. Really so cute.

    Love the pond!

  7. oh that horse is so adorable. I wish they could be house trained! and lovely photos= you live in a particularly gorgeous area - with the marshes and the sea.

  8. What beautiful photos of the ponies! Lovely area you live in too - I'd love a pond like that!x

  9. Oh it looks so pretty there. I love marshes and ponds and would love so much to travel around there seeing what i could see. like that cute horse too :)


  10. What a cuty !!!!
    What a beautiful pictures Lolo,I,m sure it gives you a lot of energy for your art.Mr.B jumps on my lap for to give you a kiss you don't believe it,but he slept for over an hour,and now I send you a note he wakes ....
    We'll be going to F. tomorrow so I'm gonna miss your blog .

  11. Gorgeous fall photos. Seeing that pony took me back to my youth. I bet they were wondering if you had a carrot in you pocket for them. tee hee... Happy Fall and HAW to you too.

  12. Cuteness is right. Darling. I am off to check out the gallery.

  13. Oh battered fries!!!!!! Wish I was there! Not only for those fries ;)
    And what a cute little Shetland (that how we call them)And indeed 100% cuteness with those 2 together. Love to see love ♥
    Nice to see the new gallery and Amy in that video.
    Just woke up.....

    Hope you are OK dear!

  14. One never knows the treasures to be found around the next corner...What lovely photos...what a lovely day...:)

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  16. What a fat and friendly, companionable little fellow. There is something so unrelentingly charming about stocky little ponies. He's a sweetie. Definitely scores 100.

    I think the nice thing about living in RI is that the state is small but diverse and so easy to explore. I hope I get to visit there someday.