Monday, October 25, 2010

Selling Originals

I have been asked several times if I was ever going to sell any of my original Illustration Friday pieces, so today I decided to go through them and list a few on Etsy.

This is NOT a sales pitch!

This is me branching out and and letting go of stuff.
All of these images are now available in their original state.
Thanks for prompting me to let them go ;)


  1. oh how wonderful!!!! people get to own one of your pieces!!!! these look great!!!!

  2. What a great idea to sell (some of) your work. They all look wonderful.

  3. I will have to pop over there and see what is happening.

  4. be still my excited heart!

    i am so happy to see all these in one place and so happy your etsy shop will be graced with them and your happy friends and fans!

    my favorite: hard to say. i love them all.


  5. I know you will make a lot of people happy by doing that!!! They are all to die for!
    I am in Chicago now after a long day with a lot of trouble in the train.....I arrived nearly 2 hours late due to a complete chaos....:( but I caught my flight and here i am.
    But without you all!!!!!! next time.....I am just taking a few minutes to look around on the blogs and check my mail......
    Now I am of to town which is around the corner..... Tomorrow Iwill do Blick's.

    Take care dear ans see or hear you!!!

    heart heart heart!

  6. send out the old to make way for the new. a great step to sell some originals. I'll check them out.

  7. Ah, it sounds like an "excuse'....BUT, if I was only working..there is one of your originals I would love to have...
    if my "Gap" position comes through.....if, if IF....yes, I know...

    One thing I DO KNOW is that your work is gorgeous and these beauties WILL find homes....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. It took a long time for my Paint By Number to arrive so I extended the deadline: Deadline to sign up: December 1, 2010. Deadline to mail out March 31st, 2011. Would you still like to pass? Jacque

  9. Sometimes it's hard to let go of work! Good luck with these, Laurel!x

  10. How is Bliss doing ?
    Greetings from acold Holland,Mr. B is under his blanky.

  11. you KNOW that I had to have the snake/turtle one. HAHA to everyone's MINE!!! YEA!!!

  12. dear lo,
    how lovely to do this, i think you are so generous to part with all these, and anyone who buys them is going to be 10times blessed. Your art is gorgeous.

    hope you are feeling better? :)

  13. Wow, I've missed your beautiful, touching, amazing talent!!!! Sorry to hear you and hubby were ill, glad you are better and hope Bliss is doing well. Missed you.