Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Abundance

I honestly am lost for words sometimes.
I don't even know how to describe how blown away I am by the deep friendships I have made on this blog.
My mailbox was brimming today with more gifts from dear friends, old and new.
The top drawing is a postcard Marianne's son Felix drew for us. On the back is the sweetest message for all of us to get better soon and that we are close in his heart.♥ 
He also told our dog Emma that she is one of the nicest dogs and he loves her!
That is one special boy, let me tell you.
We love you Felix! We will see you again.

In the same package was this ATC made by Marianne wishing me a Rainbow Day!
She also included a CD by Alisha Keyes!

And this beautiful ATC was in the package too!
Hummingbirds have a special meaning to our friendship.
She also sent a "Leo" bookmark from Egypt I believe. It's made from papyrus.
And then...

She painted this picture to cheer me up. Well, it made me cry!! But it was a happy cry.
This is a picture of our cat Bliss that Marianne took when she visited.
This touched me more than you'll ever know, especially after nearly losing her last week.
This painting will be framed soon and will hang in the living room where the photo was taken. Marianne, you are so very special to me. I love you♥
Thank you so much for everything!

Next we move on to sweet Lori. All I did was mention that I loved the banner she made for her daughter Hannah and sure enough one showed up in my mailbox not long after!
I was beyond touched by her kindness and generosity.
This will have a place of honor in the guest bedroom which is done in a vintage style. It will be perfect there. 

Here's her signature ♥ card with the sweetest note on the back.

And another view of the assortment of fabrics.
Thank you, dear Lori. Your heart knows no bounds.♥

I finally got to meet Suki at KJ's YART this year. It was a short but meaningful meeting.
Suki came bearing bags of gifts for all of the bloggers!
Here we have her wonderful Peace card, a pretty umbrella photo card, a magnet from New hampshire and a lovely porcelain ♥ from Annie, the Blissful Bohemian, and a felted bear she bought at a craft fair.

Suki also gave me two of her handmade books and a handmade card. The pictures don't do them justice! The colors and textures are delicious, truly!

I hope to fill this purple one with ravens and then perhaps have a blog giveaway!
Thank you Suki. I love all of these thoughtful gifts and I'm thrilled we finally got to hug for real! Hopefully there will be more visits.

And last but not least, this wonderful "Raven Queen" print came today with a plush cat I ordered from Pam at Yoborobo.
I love this!! It is SO Lolo!
I'm not showing Vernon the cat because he's wrapped so nicely and I'm shipping him to Canada. Trust me, he's adorable!
Thank you Pam, new friend and talented artist.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I get so many gifts and I don't always have time to make a post. If I have forgotten any of you I apologize. I love every card, letter and gift that graces my mailbox and my life.
Thank you for your friendship, all of you.


  1. Lolo,

    The most wonderful things to be thankful for are true, honest friends who honor you and remember you and perk you up when your spirits are down. The ones who would go the extra mile to kick the crap out of someone who's hurt you, the ones who hold your hand and know your heart.
    And prezzies are always good too! :)


  2. enjoy sweet friend. you are so deserving of all these wonderful gestures of love.

    ♥ lori

  3. Sensational tokens of well deserved for a heart that is so constantly giving!

  4. so many beautiful gifts all for a beautiful person. thanks for including me and mine. be well, suki

  5. Anne has said everything perfectly... you are a true, wonderful person...and I am so blessed to have you not only as a friend, but also as a "Big Sista"!

    Each gift is so precious.... but that he is special! You m' dear have some beautiful, caring people in your life! But then, you are so beautiful and caring too!

    MUWAH to all at the Gaylord Hosehold!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I love everything you got here.. wow. you are blessed with friends. Marianne did a wonderful job on your kitty on the rug. wow.

  7. How wonderful for you! Nothing in the world like noticing all the reasons to be grateful.

  8. Can imagine how touched you were to receive each of these lovely gifts! x

  9. Lo, This post was the sweetest post. I love the painting of Bliss, and all the gifts you received, that Marianne and Lori and Suki and Pam and Felix! They are too wonderful for words! I am so happy you got one of my heart pendants :-). Suki told me she was giving them out at Yart, but I did not know who received them.
    You deserve all your gifts and more. xoxo

  10. marianne's painting of bliss and the rug is a total treasure. gulp. painting meticuliously with love.

    lo, i wish i had sent you even a marble so i could be in this esteemed list :)

    i so love what all of this is and what all of it means. lucky lucky ducks we are

    ♥♥♥ (first time for multiple hearts....) :)

    guess who :)

  11. Oh my goodness. Each and every grouping of gifts is amazing to my eyes. You are indeed blessed by so many blog friends (and their children);-); so many talented artist friends, what gifts, what a gift, friendship! My heart is full for you.

  12. It's like Christmas in October with all these beautiful gifts. They all just love you as a wonderful friend. And you are!!

  13. I am so happy you liked all your special gifts and like all the others have said you deserve it! You are ONE SPECIAL FRIEND my dear! An angel in the life of so many.
    I am so happy Bliss is getting better :)
    Love Suki's gifts it's amazing with she does with all these beautiful paper, she has such a recognizable style.
    And Lori is a sweetheart as well to send you this banner which looks gorgeous!
    And Annie heart and Yoborobo art is so much fun.
    I bought a zombie rabbit for Myrthe who is expecting a girl in January, but like you said is was so nicely wrapped that I keep it that way to give like that.

    Well what a list!
    I am thankful for your friendship, which means a lot to me you know that!


  14. Absolutely wonderful things arrived at your house!

    I'm thinking that you must be a gift yourself, Lolo,,,,,

  15. it takes a friendly person to make so many friends....

  16. Wow, Lolo! You got some very amazing friend gifts. Felix, I have never met you, but you are AWESOME!! :) I'm so glad you like the little raven. Thank you for being such a fabulous new/old friend to so many! xox

  17. Well, yourself are the most wonderful friend. I am not surprised at the abundance of gifts you receive. I am so grateful you are a friend of mine!

    I love Marianne's painting because I can feel how much love was poured into it. Bliss looks wonderful...I am so happy to hear he is recovering.

    Have a happy weekend, Lo! xoxo

  18. Gosh, you are truly blessed with good friends. I love all the little treasures you've received. Isn't it nice to be loved?

  19. You are mightly blessed Lolo. The internet has brought us all closer together. A wonderful thing.

  20. Lovely stuff and lovely friends, lovely blogs all around. This is a wonderful world here.
    You are indeed loved and cherished.
    Happy Halloween!