Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Three's a charm-er

I've been busy with this little project today and I feel like I'm in the zone.
As I drew this sweet mutt, I noticed I was making his nose and markings look like hearts, so that's how I decided what to write above his head.
I actually can't stand this cutesy saying, but I think it fits him to a tee.
Besides, I really, really ♥ him ;)


  1. You are DEFINITELY in the Zone! The little guy is a charmer....(and he knows it)!

    Can I say I ♥ him too? Ha-ha - I just did!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. I love all three of these animals, but the last with the heart is my most favorite, he is a doll. xoxo

  3. Me too I ♥ that little ♥ shaped nose! He has character!x

  4. I love this doggy. I love your work. Its soooooooo whimsical & charming. I <3 it too. :)

  5. i need more time!

    i need time to linger with these three wonderful creations. \

    you've added the hearts just right. very clever you very clever girl.

    i will be back to comment on all three, but i knew i had to say SOMETHING before i hit the bed tonight.

    your whimsy is the best of all.

    love love

  6. This little scruffy dog reminds me of my Panda....Although Panda didn't look like him except she was black and white, but the eyes are like hers. So full of expression. He's sweet.

  7. Of course he "hearts" everyone. He is so cute. Don't you just love to be in the zone. Have a good time there.

  8. Simply beautiful LOLO,one thing for sure your in the ZONE.

    Big hug from me and a wet kiss from Beautje.

  9. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!
    I ♥ him too!!!! (what is wrong with that?!)
    I already had my fried rice and when I came to my room I was so exhausted I couldn't find the energy to call home.
    Now in the middle of the night I woke up and just skyped home.
    I know i should be sleeping....... but I will try again after one hour.

    Your doggie is the perfect Lo illo gain!
    love all those hearts!!!he is perfect in many way

    Tomorrow I will meet Arja for breakfast and we have a pool date.She has to work later.
    It looks like paradise here
    Keep you posted!

    I heart you too ;)

  10. These are all really great. Everyone needs some of those "awww" moments.

  11. the ♥ him is perfect. all these sketchs are lo. i think the ♥ seems so right!

    i learned about the sketch book project months ago (a sweet friend told me)and thought about joining but i couldn't fill a book. It's fun to watch you though! i hope you keep in that zone!


  12. I pink puffy heart him. lol! Seriously, he is charming and the thought bubble is perfect. xo Pam

  13. i love reading all these compliments about how talented you are!