Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Healing Friends

Most of you know this has been a tough couple of weeks at our house.

Hubby and I have been crying "UNCLE!" for two weeks now because of a nasty virus that has chosen us as hosts. Today I finally feel like a human being and he is close behind me.
That didn't come out quite right!
And our dear kitty Bliss sent us on a spin to the emergency vets for the past six days when she became covered head to toe in blood as she was grooming. She was severely anemic with a chance she wouldn't pull through. She barely escaped transfusions because she stayed borderline critical. She has been poked, prodded, ultrasounded and xrayed to the max and we still can't find a single reason for the bleeding. Unfortunately we were finding other things of concern which had us going back.

Long story short, miraculously, as soon as we got home from the hospital last night she turned the corner to wellness! I personally think St. Francis hitched a ride with us and I'm not a particularly religious person (in the traditional sense.)
Every leg is shaved in a different pattern but vain as she is, Bliss could care less.
She's happy to be home in the studio listening to Debussy and watching the rainbow maker dance across the room. And Mom is very happy ;)
Thank you all for your prayers and love for her recovery. Let's hope we're home free.

Now here are some other reasons why we're all getting better in this house.
The love ♥ of friends!

This wonderful orange polka-dotted box was on my front stoop this morning.
That Mim!! She emailed me and told me she was sending a little something my way, "kind of a Jewish mother thing" she said.
Look at this!

A wonderful container of homemade chicken soup, a big cup-shaped bowl filled with an assortment of mini brownies, a big thing of hot cocoa mix and a chocolate/espresso cake!
And oh, a chicken cookie complete with a little chickie.
How sweet and caring is this??
Thank you Mim! I'm looking forward to all of it. I feel so much better already!
This is definately chicken soup for the soul♥

More love arrived in the form of friends buying from other friends to send to friends!
Marianne bought this wonderful coffee cozy from Lori and asked her to include this note.
I love that she chose the Bonsai for me.
Lori wrote the note and tag on recycled cardboard which makes it extra special.
Thank you ladies!!
BUT how did you know my friend needed a ...

New sweater?????

So here we sit in the studio, candles lit, Debussy and rain playing~me, Bliss and Emma. So nice.

And this beautiful pomegranate cloth was given to me from Marianne when she visited me.
She saw me ogling it in a gift shop and the next thing you know it's mine.
That's how she operates!
I found white tulips at Whole Foods to complete the calmness I feel right now.
Thank you, everyone. I hope to catch up soon!


  1. I'm so glad you're ALL feeling better, now.

    Bliss is a truly gorgeous cat. Wow!

    One of the things I love about your blog is how it really is a vehicle to meaningful friendships.

  2. I am happy to hear that Bliss if doing better & both of you too. That hung on forever it seems. Lots of lovely thoughtful gifts. Jeannine is right. You do have some great meaningful Friendships.

  3. I'm so happy that Bliss is feeling better. And you have lovely friends, Lolo - probably because you are a lovely friend, too! :) Feel better! xo Pam

  4. Oh my Lolo. I wasn't aware of all the drama in your life right now. I am happy to learn that you are feeling better as is Bliss. I hope all continues on this healing vein. What great boxes of goodies you received from Mim and Marianne. Stay well.

  5. Just finished "shooing " the painter out.....and now I must put all of the furniture back...(this is one time when a man would be so helpful).....

    But I logged on and saw Beautiful Bliss....looking CONTENT and very WELL....and all of the lovely gifts from wonderful friends - and it made me smile and my heart feel warm! This IS what friendship is all about.

    Love the pomegrante rug, love the tulips - love Debussy and rain....

    Love you too, Big Sista!

    Kiss Bliss and Emma (the "neglected" one)! Hi to Bri!


    ♥ Little Sista ♥

  6. i hope hope hope (know) i am one of your healing friends because i know know know you are one of mine.

    we'll tuck away the last three weeks, pp, and count our blessings.

    all you need is mim and marianne and lori, but i'm glad glad glad you have the rest of us too.

    love love love

  7. So so so happy to learn that kitty is getting better and you and your dh are too!!!
    Your gifts are a tribute to your loving friendship back to them and all of us.
    It all warmed my heart to read about. Hugs from me.

  8. Blessings lolo! prayers are working. Bliss looks positively blissful. That is such good news.

    Your gifts are all so sweet, that Marianne and Mim, how thoughtful are they both? ☺ I hope you eat that chicken soup now and feel better.

    I love your studio,it's so warm and inviting.

    Love to you Lo,

    p.s. your kitty looks warm and cozy! cute!

  9. Lo, I am so glad that Bliss and you and Brian are all feeling better. It sounds like a horror story! Saying prayers that Bliss is okay for keeps. Lovely presents from your friends.

  10. Good to know that you, Brian and Bliss are feeling so much better, Laurel! What wonderful get well gifts you received - such caring friends!x

  11. Yeah for wellness! So glad you and hubby are on the mend! And kitty too...that sounded really aweful what she went through! Good grief.

    Love your sweet gifts from friends! That sweater fit kitty mug perfectly!!! LOL.

    Keep feeeling better and better!!!

  12. Chicken soup has been shown to have antibacterial effects. So..as my grandma would say "Essen! Essen!!" (Eat! Eat!)

  13. What a cute package from Auntie Mim. And cup cosy for your funny mug there.

    Bliss is better, I'm so glad and she must be glad too. I have never heard of cats bleeding all over like that. So scary.

    And you also and your DH are feeling better. Good news for sure. Keep resting and tending to yourselves and kitty.

    Oh, your room is just so beautiful. Peaceful and filled with love. blessings, suki

  14. oh poor Bliss! With her shaved leg it looks likes she's wearing little Uggs, too cute. I am so glad she has pulled through and that everyone at your house is feeling better. The mug sweater is too much!

    Sending good vibes your way! e

  15. OMG Lolo, I didn't know all these terrible things were happening to you. So good you are on the upside!! Your poor kitty too.


  16. Wow now this is the post I wanted to read!!!!
    So glad to see you on the blog again and most of all the good news about Bliss, we have been waiting for for so many days. I think now she is on the road of recovery and Mim's chicken soup (MY WHAT A GREAT THING TO GET!!!!! dear Mim!) will oput you and Brian on the same road!

    Oh how your studio looks inviting!
    Wish I could just be there for another moment........... Some day!
    The cloth looks so nice there!

    I am so happy things look brighter for you and Bliss. And I love Debussy !!! (no surprise eh Robin does too ♥)
    And I can just see the rainbows dancing in the room!


  17. Glad you are feeling better, I got some bug, too, but fortunately it only lasted a few days.

  18. Happy to know you are better and Bliss too:)