Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Squirrely!

I really DO feel a bit squirrely after painting and printing this past week to get ready for KJ and JB's big YART fair this weekend at The Magic Cottage!
This little guy will be up for adoption along with a few other mini-critters I painted.
And then I thought, hmmm, he has such an attitude. Let's make magnets!

Yup. Typical squirrel attitude!

I won't be posting until after the weekend. We all have so much to do, and the coolest part is having so many bloggers come together for this!
Sometimes I just have to pinch myself, really.

I wish you could all be there. I'll feel you in spirit!

Happy Animal Wednesday! Please hug a squirrel today.
♥ Lolo ♥


  1. I love Mr. Squirrel! I think I will have to buy some of these magnets!

    Off we go to the Magic Cottage!

    See you soon!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. How fun to gather with blogging friends for a big art sale. You are lucky you all live near by...Have fun and know I"ll be there in artzy spirit!

  3. Ahhhh the squirrely!!!!
    He sure is cute. Bring him to MA is wise so he is save for Emma ;)
    OMgosh... it is so near now!
    Bet you are excited to go and to meet some old new friends :)
    Oh wish I could be there.
    You have to have fun for 2 dear!
    Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!


  4. Oh Lolo, so darn cute!. It will be a big seller. Good luck.

  5. aw, so cute. see you soon. hugs, suki

  6. Yes please take lots and lots of photos! I'm right now wishing i had a magic carpet!

    cutest squirrel in the whole world!!

    have FUN dear lolo, i'll be thinking of you.

    ♥ lori

  7. I love your sketch. It is cuter than the real thing. Have fun this weekend. I want to hear all about it.

  8. I love squirrely, I think you will sell out, really I do. How I wish I was coming. Next year I will be there! I will be thinking of you all. Have a wonderful time! xoxo

  9. Mr Squirrel is adorable. I know he will do well at the sale. Have fun.

  10. You KNOW I love Squirrely!!! Good luck with your sales...sounds like a fun time!!!

  11. He has the cheekiest face!! Good luck Laurel - you're sure to do well at the sale! And enjoy the arty company! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!

  12. I'm bringing extra batteries for my camera - yea!!

  13. we tried to hug a squirrel today on our walk but couldn't catch him (he was very cute and had half a tail).

    We're all moved into our new house, it's feeling very empty though, our little kitten (sixteen yrs. old) passed away the Friday before our move. She hadn't been feeling well that week and I guess decided to throw in the catnip. sigh. Now it's just me and the pups.

  14. Have fun Lolo,we will be thinking of you and maybe next time :))

    xxMar and a wet kiss from Beaudor

  15. Oh...I bet there are squirrels galore at the Magic Cottage, but yours will be the one everyone will want to take home with them!

  16. Cute painting and I wish you well at your YART sale.

  17. Enjoy every second....Love the idea of a YART sale...You girls have way too much fun!

  18. Darn, this is cute. Will you be selling these magnets?

  19. Love, love the squirrel!

    Have a wonderful time, and be safe driving!

  20. Can't wait to meet you, Lolo

  21. holy cow; i have been away for a long time - look at all you have been up to!
    lots of squirells on my porch these days

  22. What a great idea to do magnets. I love your art and hope the Y'art was good to you!