Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Tinker's Talent

I have a dear friend in California who is an amazing artist and jeweler. For years she has spoiled me with many gifts on my birthday, this year being no exception.
Besides all the other things she sent, I just want to showcase what she made for me.
This beautiful necklace with a bluebird pendant delicately crafted with the softest colored green stones and fresh water pearls. My photography doesn't do it justice. Please click the photos to enlarge them.

The amazingly delicate acorn earrings were made by her but given to me by another dear friend that I miss, Gloria♥

I wore everything as a set yesterday and I felt special!
I really miss my California girls! ♥

Catherine also sent me this bird dish made by her talented friend, Sandy Kreyer. Maybe some of you are already lucky enough to have some of her things in a collection.
Each piece, every flower, leaf and color is handpainted on her potter's wheel!
I have four things made by her now, three of them given to me from Catherine, The Tinker's Daughter.

Here are the links to their Etsy shops. Stop by and feast your eyes and say hello!

I'm grateful for friends, near and far, young and old.
And I'm grateful to have so many things made and given with love.♥


  1. Oh goodie I am first here to wish you a very very happy birthday!
    I know you will treat yourself well.
    The gifts are indeed precious and beautiful. I love all the details.
    Lucky you and you will wear them beautifully and appreciate them.
    Hugs from another newer California friend. ;-)

  2. Lo, now that I can see these treasures, I am even more in awe of your friend's gorgeous and so perfect gifts! They are so YOU....the colours, the textures - everything! Those earrings are magical...and I know they look stunning on your with your colouring!

    Friends ARE the greatest gifts....

    Love to you,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Thanks Lynn! My birthday was back in August :)
    I'm pretty slow at posting things lately!

    Thank you Robin ♥

  4. Love them all, but the acorn earrings...Ooooooooo!
    Beautiful beautiful pieces.
    Good friends.
    Good life!


  5. love your new header!
    and the neclace too!
    happy happy birthday!

  6. Oh, how I love that pendant! The colours are just so soft and yummy! It's so nice to have such talented, good friends...I can understand your gratitude.

    Old friends are like burnished gold, I think.

  7. Oh gosh, these are beauties!! What a good friend.

  8. Oh my what special gift!!!!
    I remember the acorn earrings. You showed my so happy and proud. And yes they are exquisite!
    But so are the other gifts What a lovely bowl to put your jewelry in! aND THAT PENDANT! The cup.
    Looked at both Etsy shops and will put them in my favorites.

    I have a lot to be thankful for!
    One of them is having you as a friend and one of the other reasons I posted on my blog just a few minutes ago........

    Love and hugs and thanks a million!

  9. Not that you need them Lolo your beautiful as you are :)))

    There gorgeous gifts and I can understand you miss your friend.

    Being lucky to spend 9 days with M. and this afternoon she came for a visit(think it was for B.LOL).
    Big hug from me,and a wet kiss fom B.

  10. beautiful. such wonders to wear and look at! Such lovely friends.

  11. Wow, Lolo! These are beautiful, and yes, you are lucky to have them. Very nice.

  12. These are marvels. I just love those earrings. Thanks for the links. You are mightly blessed Lolo.

  13. First, let me say that the header is stunning! I love your beautiful gifts, the necklace is special and those earrings are wonderful. That beautiful bowl with the bird is something else. Lovely gifts for a most beautiful woman. xoxo

  14. I am grateful too, for all this love and GORGEOUS beauty, I love these pieces so much, acorns and birds, oh my gosh.

    I am also grateful for gifts made and given with love, i happened to recieve something too in the mail today.

    OH my gosh Lolo.

    Thank you is on the way in the morning!

    xxx + ♥♥♥

  15. Lucky Laurel! What pretty things - all of them! I especially love the little bowl and those cute acorn earrings. Will pop over to those Etsy shops now.x

  16. Yes, those acorn earrings are amazing and everything is so perfect for you. You have good friends because you ARE a good friend.

    have a lovely day friend

  17. oh my gosh, i am not being a good blog visitor. i'm late, i'm, late for a very important date. no time to say hello goodbye i'm late i'm late i'm late.


    i love seeing who loves you.

  18. i love everything here! especially the earrings (be still my heart) and the gorgeous bowl with the little bird (sssssh!)

    and you know what? i love that anytime i want to see something of yours up close and personal, i can set my gps and there i am in your driveway.

  19. Lucky! ... and a belated Happy Birthday, Laurel. :)

  20. Lovely, gifts from the heart...I visited their Etsy shops...wonderful! Love the flowery dishes.