Friday, September 10, 2010

Illustration Friday : Proverb

The word over at Illustration Friday this week is proverb.
 Native American proverbs resonate deeply with me so I looked a few up and chose this one.

"Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins."  (Cheyenne)

I have been (gratefully) busy painting commissions and working on items for shows and galleries but today, just today I had to pull back and do something that called to me, like this word. 

Some of you wanted to know my process when I paint on patterned paper. It's pretty simple, really. I draw the image and then lay the flat colors on with acrylic paint.
But then MAGIC happens (I swear) when you add Prismacolor pencils on top of the paint. It becomes so rich, almost pastel-like and I have never been able to do anything with pastels. After adding the colors I use a blending pencil to smooth it all together. I usually go back several times adding highlights and lowlights, crisping up my edges, etc.
Here's a scan of one moon and one moccasin done while the other is still flat paint waiting for details.

Okay, I started adding colored pencil inside the moccasin before I realized I hadn't scanned it! And trust me, I see so much wrong with this illustration now that it's posted. But I'm not going there. Today is a day I needed emotionally and creatively.

So I'll leave you with this gem that I saw on my doctor's office bulletin board.

""Do not judge me until you've walked a mile on my medication." 

Hahahaha!! Happy weekend my friends.


  1. This is one of my fav proverbs too. I love the soft, subdued colors of this piece.

  2. You did a beautiful job on this, both the proverb selection and the shoes! So good to see you creating.

  3. Wise words and beautiful art to accompany them....

    Lovely and inspiring to see you creating again.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Great work, wise words, love the color you use on this work.

  5. Interesting process. I love the proverbs. They are oh so true. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a beautiful illustration! Really nice that you shared your process too - it's so creative! Glad you got some you time!x

  7. i love seeing your process!

    at first i thought this was a photograph. do you have any idea how wonderful it is to have a friend like you?


  8. That's really great! I love the texture.

  9. i have this exact saying up on my wall in a much tattered old postcard, one of my favourite sayings. am taking a bloggy break as you know, so lotsa hugs for now. later gater.

  10. Thanks for showing us the process for making this lovely picture. You forgot the final addition: lots of talent!!

    Very nice proverb and love the accompanying Dr office version.

    Glad you are busy with commissions etc. Bravo! Love, suki

  11. I'm with Suki - there's technique and then there's talent. But I love your technique as much as I love your talent.

  12. wonderful piece...and I love the WIP view. Our leaves haven't started turning yet...there has only been a slight nip in the air. Glad to see you are busy and doing well in RI. :)

  13. Dear Lo!
    Lovely image and proverb! So nice of you to show the stages.
    Felix would say: it looks simple but it is not......
    I am in BKK with Marja after a long flight a short nap and a night at Lumpini market I am close to brake down....... so tired but so is Marja so we will go to sleep soon :)
    Just back and spending a moment in the crewroom at the internet.

    Sending you love and hugs from BKK!!!!!
    Hugs from Marja!

  14. This is simply beautiful, lolo! You have given your painting a mysterious, spiritual look which goes so well with the proverb. I will "talk" with my Native lady and show her the moccasins and the moons...she will love this one!

  15. Thanks for letting us peek into that inspiring mind of and your art and your words make our days so special...:)

  16. Nice job! I often think about that saying when I'm down or when I see someone else who is. I sometimes do Prismacolors over watercolor, but over acrylic? Doesn't the acrylic's plastic, smooth surface prevent a good grip with the colored pencils? Or do you do something to them first?

  17. It's just right! Thanks for sharing about your technique.

  18. dear lolo,

    wonderful! you are painting commissions! and for shows! brilliant! i am really so happy for you, i wish i could visit them personally. perhaps you should look into one of santa barbaras many art gallerys??

    i love your painting SO MUCH. i love everything native american and have a special connection since my grandfather was part navajo. this painting is especially beautiful, maybe you'll add a print to your shop?

    have a lovely sunday dear friend,

  19. lollie!!!! these are gorgeous! the prismas really bring it to life as do all your wonderful ideas - the textures, the weaving. wonnnderful!!! thanks so much for the visit, too! hope you are very well! :)))

  20. Beautiful work and enjoyed reading about your process. I would like a pair of those shoes. Great proverb also.

  21. I love the proverb, the painting and the explanation. So happy that you are busy doing commissions. Only one problem for me, I don't know what patterned paper is. Is it a special kind of pastel/acrylic/paint paper or is it more like scrapbook paper that is often patterned?

  22. Love your interpretation,,,and it's a beautiful job you did!
    I gave away my Prismacolors,,,,a few years ago,,,,now I miss them.

    The proverb is profound, as is the one at the doc's.

    Congrats on commissions and shows,,,,puts a spring in your step, I'm sure!

  23. I am a little late. Is's been a rough week. Lo, I thought this was a photo at first. I swear to God.
    I love both quotes :-). I believe one should not judge at all, it never serves anyone.
    I hope all is well.

  24. REally like how the form turns on these...

  25. Hey Laurel! I love everything about this! Thanks for a peek into the creative process. did you come up with the colored pencil over acrylic idea? Very cool. The proverb it so "real". Nice! .. And not to mention your illustration... which by the way i see nothing wrong with ;o) You deserve a little LOLO time. Glad you took it and glad you shared. Hey thanks for stopping by. Love your visits. P.S. that doctors "proverb" was a riot. thanks for the laugh!

  26. That's a great idea! :D and beautifully painted! how sweet ^^

  27. I like the proverb and your illustration very much... Both are really beautiful.

    Before your description of your process I believed that the work was pastel.

    Keep on enjoying your creative life.

    best wishes

  28. Only feeling up to visiting a couple blogs. Just wanted to let you know I am glad you got good news at the Docs. And I was wondering how you made your paper bag art look like pastel. Its lovely.

  29. they are very 3 demensional; i had to look closely to see the inner part was not a photo.
    (on week three post hand surgery; today's milestone: touching thumb to forefinger)

  30. Oooh, thank you so much for letting us slip on your moccasins! I'd gladly walk two moons in them. They are absolutely beautiful. Love the highlights in them. I love reading about your process!

    Yay! Happy happy for all the work you have on your table! Have a wonderful and productive weekend!

  31. Dear Lolo,
    Absolutely gorgeous and thank you for sharing the magic with us.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  32. What a surprise...I, too, thought that first picture was a photograph. Love the colors and the backstory.