Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Tree Bunnies

Okay, you ask, what does a tree have to do with an Animal Wednesday post?
Look closer!
You can see the profile of a bunny and the slightest outline of one ear against the branch. I swear I can even see his little front paws reaching up!!
Yes, it's true I was sipping wine in the yard the evening I spotted this, but what's your excuse? I know you see him too!

Here's another view. Be sure to click to "embiggen!"

Hmmmm, do you think it's a squirrel??
Maybe Emma the squirrel huntress chased it up the tree and it became "petrified!!"

hahahahah! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh yes the bunny!!!!!!!!!!
    It is fabulous dear!
    So cool this bunny showed up all by itself to join your collection!
    Wow what a little gift of Mother Nature for you!


  2. That is amazing!! I did think it was a squirrel but I had to look twice to realize it was the tree! How neat is that!!!


  3. actually I finally saw it in the third photo. You are so clever! Keep sipping wine under trees. No telling what you will come up with.

  4. Yes, I see it. I haven't even had a cocktail yet today and I see it. HAW!

  5. I see squirrels so much in the trees that it popped right out at me. It could be a bunny or a squirrel. How fun. How long has that been there and you just saw it now? See.. it did take a drink to see it. lol

  6. Hahahaha....I see the tree bunny too! Cute. Love the beauties that you received from Marianne, cue Twighlight Zone on, how beautiful!

  7. Oooh....I see it! (And no wine consumed.....yet...) Actually, I think Emily Wrabbit did this and left it to tease both you and the "Squirrel Huntress"!

    Nature really is amazing!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. That is super!! I love looking for faces or figures in trees...they really are spectacular when the eye catches a glimpse of something different and familiar, at the same time.

    So would you think you have a rabbit totem? Or squirrel? But I think it's a rabbit, I see the paws too...

    A great gift!!

  9. Well, how COOL is that!
    At the lake we had a tree with a large snake head peeking out of a knot hole.
    My sister first noticed it.
    Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.

  10. WAAAAAAH!!!!!

    how did you know it wasn't me?

    yours truly,
    emily rabbit

  11. p.s. i think this is my cousin geraldine and if it's not i think it's my Mother's sister's step rabbit harry, not to be confused with bimbimbie's harry hare.


  12. I kept looking at the hole in the tree, and thinking I may need some wine to see it, but finally, I realized it was the tree. You are a clever bunny. xoxo

  13. it'a the miracle of the bunnies! tell emily and she will make it a holy tree - woohoo!!

  14. What a darling petrified bunisquirrel!!!

  15. Awesome Lolo......lucky for you B. is not around he would jump in the tree :))
    He doesn't harm them but they run and thats FUN.

  16. I think it's a buirrel. Two courageous but starcrossed loves produced this enchanting tree creature.

  17. All I can see is that great BIG alligator head! :O

  18. I see it! But have to admit I was sipping wine this evening so that could have something to do with my abilities also!

  19. I see the bunny!! Wine is wonderful! What a fun post!x