Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Celebration Giveaway!

That Emma, always yapping!
Anyway, as I was about to say, I just made 500 sales on Etsy and I think it's a fine time to have a giveaway as a celebration.
Leave me a comment and I will put your name in a hat on Saturday, October 9th.
If I (or Emma) draw your name you will get to choose 4 cards of your choice from my Etsy shop. Once you find out you're the winner just email me your request and your mailing address and the cards of your choosing will be shipped!
What cards?? Where have you been?
Go here right now!

Good luck! xoxo♥


  1. OH OH OH!!!!
    Emma, Pick ME! Pick ME!!!!
    Pant, pant, arf arf arf, grrr and woof! (Emma understands..)
    Yes, that would be delightful. :)


  2. Oh for sure put me in the hat. I have nothing of yours. I was looking thru your cards the other day picking ones I liked. I Didnt know you had them either. Some how discovered them. Hey Emma, Annie says to pick me. :))

  3. 500 sales, that is fantastic. Happy for you!!! How do you advertize your ETSY? I must be doing something wrong, well, actually I don't do anything so that may be why but what does one do to attract so much attention. Hope you will share your secret! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Your cards are all wonderful and extremely reasonably priced.

  4. I love your title, Sunday Celebration Giveaway, all great words!

    500 sales?! congratulations lolo! that is really an achievement.

    i love etsy so much, what a brilliant idea someone had, all handmade!

    do you get dizzy thinking how next it'll be 1000 sold? i know you will!

    congratulations to the LUCKY winner!


  5. I don't do anything to advertise my Etsy shop.
    I don't Twitter.
    I hate Facebook.
    And I hardly ever mention selling on my blog although I have my shop thingy on my sidebar.
    I stink at self-promotion!
    I occasionally will do a showcase for a $7.00 fee but I don't think they've panned out for me.
    I carefully choose "tag" words to get attention.
    I sign up for Etsy emails, chock full of selling suggestions.
    But mostly I have a good product, very fairly priced and my packaging is professional. I get repeat buyers.
    And I always stick in a free goody, even if it's just a sticker.

    And honestly, I don't make much on these cards. I just like getting my images out there so I can keep on coming up with more of them.

    Good luck to the winner ;)

  6. enter me! This would be awesome to win!


  7. I am so excited! I have been wishing I could afford some of your beautiful cards! Please put me in the hat and I will figure out some way to bribe Emma :-). xoxo

  8. P.S. Speaking as one who has only had 22 sales, I am so impressed with your 500! Congrats Lo!!!

  9. Yes, it's me..... and OF COURSE, once I saw Emma's adorable deer-like face, I had to read what you wrote... just home from a VERY EMOTIONAL Opera....and the music is still resounding in my ears. (No, it was not "Aida"!)

    Of course, I want my name tossed into the mix..... in the hopes your drawing of Emma will become a card too.

    I don't have to tell you how much I adore your already know!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. That's fantastic - 500 sales - Yay!!! Love your little illustration of Emma there! Please do enter me - I love your cards and you're right, you have a good product and it is so reasonably priced. Here's to the next 500!xx

  11. What a generous soul you are, Lolo!
    And yes, you know I adore your cards, and would love to be included, thanks so much!
    500 sales is a great accomplishment,,GOOD FOR YOU!

  12. Congrats dear!
    Up to 1000 sales!
    And congrats to whoever wins your gorgeous cards!

    Hope your Sunday was great.
    I am already starting Monday here......

  13. PS Love that yapping Emma making the announcement!

  14. me me me me me - woof bark sniggle woof - me me me.

    emma... remember how you love me???

    (i'll bring you biscuits next time - nice juicy ones)

  15. I don't come out from under my blankie very often. It is beautiful when I do. Please put my name in for Emma to search for. Wow 500 sales. Congrats!!

  16. so sweet of you to have a giveaway and congrats on yr 5ooth sale. wowsie.

  17. if i win i'm going to pick one of your wonderful visitors and friends here and then i will look as generous as you.

    heehee: i can do this because i luckily already have studio lolo cards in my favorite card box. i have favorites. many favorites.

    last year i gave my friend norm a package of your squirrel cards for christmas, and i gave my son-in-law mike a pack of your gorilla cards. and i gave JB....

    i could go on. my point is i love your work.

    happy 500 more. i know where i will be when you hit 5000. still on the other end of the telephone, laughing away.

  18. Okay, it may not be Sunday anymore, making me late once again, but you know how I love your cards, lolo! You and Emma HAVE to pick me...there is simply no other recourse here!

    Heh heh!

    Giving your cards away for Christmas is an awesome idea...thanks, kj! I know so many people who would love a set of your cards, dear lolo...and in the next day or two, I shall visit your shop and order!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS LOLO!!! It really is no surprise that you have reached 500 because your art is so awesome and beautiful!!! Gee, I remember when you reached 100 and it was not that long ago.

    Such a cutie painting of Emma.

    Please put my name in too, I LOVE your art!!

    Onward to 1000 now.

  20. Well, congratulations! I'm very happy for you. Love your little drawings of Emma.

  21. Oh...I just had a fun wander thru your card shop! I am staying at a friends beach house in November (I know, a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work...) and would love to win some mercat cards for him, and if I don't...think I will buy them as they would be a purrfect thank you gift!

  22. I've not been around to the blogs in a week or so due to some stresses at work so am SO glad I did not miss this! Congratulations on 500 sales. That is Wonderful! Your art is amazing and I'm so happy for you. Put my name in please!

  23. OoooooH...Ahhhhh...What fun! 500 sales is magical!!!