Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Wednesday: St. Peter & the poodle

Two more commissions to share with you this week.
As you know, any time I get a request to do a raven I'm in heaven!
Anne over at El Milagro Studio asked me to paint a raven with Southern Oak leaves and acorns. She asked that he be holding an acorn stem in his mouth with two acorns from the same stem. She had seen a similar painting of mine I had done years ago, but it was the Oak leaves I was accustomed to. Ah, time for research!
Thank goodness for Google images!
When she received it she called me right away and told me it was almost exactly as she had pictured it in her head! That's a huge compliment :)
And it was extra nice to put a voice with her face.
Thank you Anne, he looks beautiful in his new home!
And I love his name;)

And this is Max. The only references I had for his portrait were very old, faded photos and the grieving owner's recollection. "Make sure his eyes are black. They didn't have any color." I knew what he meant even though I added dark, walnut brown.
"And he was pure white, not off white or any other color."
I disagreed and knew I was going to only use pure white for the highlights but I didn't tell him that. He's a crusty guy and he is firm in his convictions. He's actually our car mechanic across the street!
Well, I called him over to the studio last night and asked him to have a look before I call it finished. He stood there and wiped a tear from his eye.
"I can change anything you want" , I said.
"No, that's my Max. That's my boy."

He'll be delivered later today.

I love commissions even though I may curse a little while doing them. It's only because they carry a certain kind of pressure because of preconceived expectations.
But honestly, I'm honored to do them. So, bring them on!!

Happy Animal Wednesday, my friends ♥


  1. These are marvelous Lolo. I understand the man's recollection of the poodles eyes being black. Oly, the little white poodle I keep sometimes, has coal black eyes. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything behind those eyes. You always put so much emotion in your ravens. They are a delight to see.

  2. You were very brave to tackle the beloved poodle. A touching story, he is pleased! And moved.

    The raven too is wonderful. I have only done a few commissions, but I understand totally the disappointment factor. Ah well....

  3. These are wonderful!!!! I agree, you were brave to take on the poodle portrait but it is awesome and his reaction is so touching. Very good!

  4. The poodle turned out excellent; know just what you mean on the *pure white* and *pure black*..... <:) Yep. I do.
    St. Peter is very happy here guarding the entry way and the art. He was the perfect finishing piece for oen wall, and I have to commend you on the Live Oak leafs, which are pretty unspectacular in nature; they were depicted excellent.
    I might add, the only thing I told Lolo was I want the raven holding the twig of two live oak acorns....and seriously, this is almost EXACTLY what I wanted, but did not want to put extra pressure with *this here, and that there* because I've been thru that!
    Thank you!!!! MUCH!

    Anne.......and St. Peter.....

  5. holey holy moley!

    these are FANTASTIC!!!!

    oh the eyes. i see brown in the poodle's eyes but you managed to do your artist tricks so well so yes, they are black! there is so much expression his his (her?) face, lo. what a memory you've created. and you can be sure your cars will be well taken care of forever more

    and anne's raven is stunning. how nice to know that you 'aced' it for her, a forever memory for her too. you know how jubilant i am over your leaves, in part for reasons between you and me (what happens in rome stays in rome) :)

    great work, lo. you make it look so easy. you are a master artist.


  6. That last one made me cry. These are beautiful Lo. I have been thinking of painting a raven, I used to paint them a lot before I went abstract, but you have inspired me. xoxo

  7. Raven-Sister.... we were on the same page today. because I did my HAW post about a very clever Raven...(and a not-so-clever pig)!

    You KNOW how your Raven paintings move me.... you capture their mystery, power and no one else. I love the acorn in his mouth.... Anne must have been thrilled when she opened the package....

    The poodle is adorable.... (and yes, I can see some brown in his black eyes and a little bit of colour in his white fur....

    I am repeating myself.....but it warrants it....your art is on FIRE!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. The paintings are wonderful. Your work is beautiful. The Old guy and his Poodle brought a tear to my eye. You brought him joy even if it had a couple tears around the edge of that joy.

  9. Whether a desired idea or a memory, you served them both up beautifully. I was especially charmed by Max and his "crusty" owner. Isn't it funny how men are total suckers for small dogs? They think they want a big one but get a small one in their arms and their innate protective instincts instantly emerge. I know. I'm married to one of those guys.

  10. WOWZERS, both are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love how you touched the heart of the car mechanic. I cried too. LOL Really, a tear or two was there.
    Both paintings are great. Love the raven and leaves/acorns. You are so good at what you do!

  12. Your style is always amazing!The raven is wonderful:)

  13. Your paintings always tell such loving and remarkable stories. These are both top notch. Your acorn raven has stolen my heart!

  14. That's the way I felt when I saw the painting of my Samson that you did. somehow you "caught" him - his sammy-ness. I still say hi to him every day in that picture I love it so.

  15. Ah aren't they perfect!!!!!
    Two beautiful pieces! I love the eyes on the dogs and you had to use some brown to make them look black! You are so good at eyes dear. Well on just about anything!
    Frida's eyes are watching me right now in her calm way.......
    Tomorrow I will have a very busy day Hope to do a TT post with Frida in the evening.

    How nice both of your "customers" were that satisfied, then you know you hit the right spot!

    You are the best!


  16. Oh ME oh MY! Lucky, lucky Anne to receive her own beautiful raven! The leaves and acorn are wonderful, and I love that the raven has his head up. Quite regal.

    And Max! Such an adorable poodle. You did an amazing job. Isn't it heartwarming and so very rewarding to know that your art touched someone to the very core. Awwwwwwwww.

  17. Oh my goodness this is the most heartwarming post. Both paintings are so beautiful, and i love hearing how much each owner loved them so.

    You are amazing to me Lolo, to be able to interpret an idea and even a photo and make it come to life like this. And brave i might add, a commissioned piece would have me stopped like a deer in headlights.

    happy animal wednesday!

  18. What a grand job you've done Laurel! I always love to see your Ravens and this little poodle has obviously hit the spot! I used to paint children's portraits and remember only too well that nerve wracking moment when handing it over! I think you put so much feeling into your paintings - they are wonderful! x

  19. Dear Lolo,
    Your work is full of love for life...that moves me. And beautiful!! Touchy stories in every post. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  20. of bring animals to's in your genes. Both paintings are hauntingly lovely.