Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Missing Felix

When Marianne and Felix came to visit, Emma immediately chose Felix as her new best friend.
We had never had her around children before because the SPCA had a feeling she wouldn't be good with them. I've always felt quite the opposite because she lights up when she hears kids voices and tends to pull towards them. Still, when asked if a kid can pet her I stay on the safe side and say it's not a good idea.
Seeing her interact with Felix and play with him daily really warmed my heart! I knew she'd have withdrawl after he left because he gave her so much attention and he was so gentle with her.
Here she is this morning curled up with her squirrel toy Felix bought for her.
She loves her squirrely!!!

I saw this card in a shop in Provincetown and I bought it to send to Felix from Emma. When I got it home I decided to make it look like Emma by adding a bit of paint here and there, and as you can see I also drew in her squirrely!

So here you have it, a plumper version of Emma but the sentiment was surely there.
She squashes her ears down like this when she's troubled :(
Thank you Marianne for scanning it because I forgot to!
Felix...Emma sends her love!!♥
HAW to all of my friends! I'm catching up slowly but surely.


  1. Awww, so cute the way you changed the card you found, and how sweet to know Felix has a tender heart, too...

  2. What a fabulous story Lolo. The rapport between kids and dogs is so sweet and this one is just outstanding and oh so sweet.

    Love the card Emma sent to Felix.


  3. dear Lolo and Emma

    good Emma you must protect me to for bison's .good doggy next time we going chase out the squirrels but until that time defense your garden

    hugs and smootches

  4. I KNOW both Felix and Marianne will love this post! You did a masterful job making the card "Emma" with her "Squirrely"....

    I really believe Emma DOES miss Felix....

    Sending you and Emma (aka "SH") and and many hugs!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. ahhh what a sweet post!
    We miss you Emma, hope you feel that......
    But we miss your Mom as as well and Brian.
    Emma is just great with kids!
    And Felix with Emma, it was love at first sight!
    We love the altered card and we will frame and hang ity, so we can look at it and hope we all will meet again one day (soon)

    Hugs for Emma!!!!
    HAW and love to you!

  6. Oh yes and about the card, it is Emma, I love how you painted the white airplane in her neck..... so Emma!
    Such an awesome card!

  7. What a cute idea to doctor up a store bought card!!! Genius! I know Emma misses Felix...isn't it great how well they got along???

  8. Poor Emma! I have to comfort my dogs every time my grandkids leave...and it takes awhile at times. I'm so glad he has Squirrely, with Felix's smell on him, to comfort her. And maybe Felix might come back to never knows!

    You know, I've never thought of personalizing cards. You've given me inspiration! I know what you mean about the ears...exactly like Lucky's (my dog) during sad times. Sweet Emma. Please give her a hug for me.

  9. Wow, sounds like the visit was a success!

  10. How sweet that Emma got along so well with Felix. What a cute card you got. How did you change the colors without ruining the card. It looks perfect. Very Clever of you in fact.

  11. You have been such a social butterfly. Flitting from one engagement to another. What a fun summer. You will remember the heat and all your visitors. That Felix is a special young man. Emma knew this. Cute card and very personal with your touches.

  12. oh you clever girl you - that is lovely. and emma is one clever doggie to know the good people around her. ;)

    haw to emma and to you

  13. Oh Felix, Emma is not the only one that has fallen in love with the boy. Kisses to little Emma and hugs for her broken heart. I love what you did with the card :-).xoxo

  14. ah, emma, i miss felix too.

    i love how you 'embellished' this card, lo. i would never have thought of that. and emma;s little squirrel

    felix is going to be kind and considerate all his life.


  15. This tugs big time at my heartstrings...Love the "Lolofied" are one in a million girl!

  16. Such a sweet post! Love the pic of Emma with her squirrely and your card - it looks just like her! Glad you liked Simon's Cat in the box - yes, my favourite part too when he tries to look cool - we call that 'the embarrased lick'!

  17. So precious. Enjoyed all the photos and info on Marianne's visit, it appears y'all had a spectacular time, that is so wonderful. I hope you are doing well. I miss being in touch with everyone, somehow, must find my mojo and get things in order. Take care.

  18. How creative and clever of you! I love this beautiful post about such a special boy and dog. I am so touched by it all.

    (LOVE Felix's comments) :)


  19. great idea and great card. That Emma does look lonely. I'm glad she's got her squirrely to remind her of happy days playing with Felix.

  20. Felix and Emma both special people. How lovely that Felix brought out Emma's childlike heart. Cute idea to revise the card too.

  21. What a dear story. I love what you did with the card, altering it like that. On to my next post now as I do some catching up.