Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Special Four Days

Hello friends! Despite all the rumors, I have not fallen off the planet. I have been without my trusty old PC for five days now and I have no access to images from my laptop. It's times like these I wish I were a geek. Sort of.  Let's not get carried away!

I'm using this post to talk about the wonderful visit from Marianne and her unbelievably Buddah-esque son, Felix. Even my dog was charmed. Not one YIP or NIP or even a bark. That's a first!

Okay, so up top is a picture of my humble room. It's simple but I find solace there.
This is where Marianne and Felix stayed for the few days they were in Rhode Island.

 Every guest should be greeted by a welcome note and a box of sweet treats ;)

Brian took Felix to his first ever American baseball game!
Felix isn't smiling for the stranger that took this photo, but I can tell you that he said the game was the highlight of his trip!

ooops, kind of a small photo but here you can see the boys "in the home stretch" watching a Red Sox game. Felix even called a homerun before the guy hit the ball!!
He's a real natural already ;)


I borrowed these photos from Marianne. I don't have any way to resize them :(
But here you can see how Felix charmed Emma! She really missed him when he left.
Rumor has it she even sent him a card.

It looks like someone else charmed Emma as well! Emma is objecting to the ear comment!

Here's Marianne the day we arrived in Provincetown to see KJ and JB.
Marianne's camera was clicking 100 times per minute!
For some reason I blanked out on taking photographs of her and now I'm kicking myself.

KJ and JB bought a birthday cake for Mim, myself and KJ's belated birthday celebration.
It was some kind of coconut decadence from a famous bakery. I'm not big on desserts but this WAS delicious!! Felix did the honors of lighting the cake.
(The hand on the right belongs to KJ who insisted on being cropped out, the stinker!)

Marianne and Liz, an old friend of KJ's and a new friend of mine are on the couch.
And of course Miss Stella is part of the celebration!
Before the cake we had the most mouth watering, melt-in-your-mouth lobster!!
KJ and JB are always the hostesses with the mostess!


I love this photo of Marianne. The look says it all after such a satisfying day in P-town.

There's a walkway outside of the condo that KJ and JB own. People who live there and folks who visit often leave little mementos and tokens of their time there. 
Big-hearted felix bought this beautiful silver token of friendship and had us each hold it to our hearts before he gave it a place of honor.
He said, "We don't say goodbye. We just hug and say friendship."
I'm telling you he's one special kid.

And this is Marianne on our last night together. This was taken in my back yard while we were enjoying a glass of wine and reminiscing about the week.
It was a whirlwind four days with a two-year build up!!
I will treasure my time with her and Felix forever.

Stay tuned Thursday to see the birthday gifts she brought! I will also show a few others from my girls in California.


  1. oh what a wonderful time!!!! looks like fun....is that Marianne from Mandalas and more>>>

  2. Lo, How wonderful you all got to meet and spend time together! At least one of you took photos. I always forget to take photos too, I get too caught up in the living of it! I think your guest room is beautiful! Love and hugs. xoxo

  3. Ah, Lo....what a wonderful treat to find a new post from you! I have missed them.... and your deliciously "Lolo" way of bringing us all into your world...

    The more photos I see from Marianne and Felix's whirlwind trip, the more I KNOW what a magical (in EVERY sense of the word) time was had by all of you....this includes Emma, Stella and of course, Bliss.

    Brian is just a gem! I love the shot of "Da Guys" in their Pawsox gear.... I know Felix will always remember his first baseball game!

    Your room is beautiful - just like YOU. It is calming and soothing and shines with Love...

    Every shot I see of the "Friendhip" Medallion Felix had you all place in KJ/JB's
    P-town rock garden makses me cry (again and again)...for the sheer beauty of the moment.

    THIS is what Friendship and Love is all about.

    I am so blessed to know you and count you as a GOOD - no, make that a GREAT FRIEND!!!!

    Hugs to you, "Squirrel Huntress" and Bliss the Beautiful!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Ahh so good to see the pictures again!
    "My" beautiful before it exploded with all my stuff.......
    And yes Robin the room is so YOU Lo!
    I can imagine that it feels so good to you.
    The box is so beautiful in real! It is in my living room now on my chest of drawers. I can't believe you gave up your sanctuary room for us.......
    You and Brian made us feel so much at home from the first moment!

    And yes the base ball game......He is still talking about it! He marked that as the best of his holiday.

    And what is that KJ not wanting to be in the picture?????
    Come on ;)

    Can you believe i am still overwhelmed of this trip and talking about it to everyone!
    You know I travel a lot but this was so special!

    We loved Emma and Bliss.
    When I went to the toilet during the night I always stayed a few minutes to pet her. Such a gentle soul, just like my 2 white cats.
    And Emma I was honored she liked us both, but with Felix it was pure ♥.

    I am also kicking myself for not having enough pictures of us together but I love the one I have with the glass wine. I guess one can be enough and i have a lot of pictures in my head as well.
    The visit to KJ was special and I loved meeting Liz, who was a darling!
    And indeed KJ and JB were the perfect hostesses, just like you told me so!

    I hope that one day we will see that friendship token there on the rocks again......
    Such a cute ritual Felix brought up.
    He behaved so well during the trip and there wasn't a moment I thought he was not having fun, although he was with grown ups all the time.
    Brian is his buddy for life just as the Paw Sox are his team.
    In the train home he was writing in his book and about the ..... and the ..... and the..... who stinks. The guy who was sitting in front turned around and we had a conversation about baseball and teams :)

    My what a trip and it was everything I expected and more.
    I will really cherish all those moments for the rest of my life!

    Thanks for everything dear! ♥
    We miss you!


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  8. Blogger said my comment was too long..........
    then I cut it in two and it appeared 4 times...... :-P

  9. haha!! How did it show up four times? Silly Blogger ;P

    I love what you said. And we all miss you too!


  10. Too funny...."Blogger" can be a MONSTER!

    Miss you both...... a lot!


    ♥ R ♥

  11. I think all of us in blog land treasure this trip as much as you all did. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  12. I remember when Teri met Lisa and I also felt so excited for them ♥

  13. I can feel the love and happiness oozing off the screen Lolo. I am so happy for you all. I just wish I had been able to spend a little time with you. Such a blessing.

  14. Felix sounds like quite a wonderful young man!!! I know your time with Marianne and him was just so priceless and wonderful! I can only imagine! Maybe the next trip can be you flying to the Netherlands????? (I will go with you)!!! hehehe...

  15. Looks like a fun time was had by all. To bad those photos are so small. I cant see them very well.
    This is a post I need to go back and read a couple times.

  16. that kj must be very vain to insist that her picture be cropped. still, aspiring babes have the right to screen.

    it was only two days for me (well, maybe only one if you count by hours instead of days) but manohman was it special, magical, awesome, wonderful, orgasmic! it was the highlight of my summer, which says alot right there! plus it was so wonderful to see two wonderful friends enjoying such a wonderful time.

    can't wait for next time.


  17. Sounds like you all had such a wonderful time - I would so much love to meet everyone in person too. Maybe someday! Till then I shall just enjoy that you all enjoyed your visit so much!

  18. I just keep sighing.....

    lovely pictures Lo - I'm gonna have to win the lottery and then we all meet in Amsterdam.

  19. Good to see a post from you again, Laurel!! Was wondering where you were hiding! I liked reading about your time with Marianne and Felix - so much fun and wonderful memories to hold on to - even if you didn't get many pics. I'm always the photographer so there are never any of me when we have visitors! Never mind though, seems it was a fantastic trip for all concerned! What a lovely room you have too - indeed a sanctuary! Did you paint that picture - it's really lovely!x

  20. oops your page is totally black, could hardly see it, but what I managed to see made me jellyass with envy. but so happy for all of you.

  21. OOOh MY...Felix really is "Buddhaesque"!!! I think I am totally in love with him...what a sweetheart!

  22. What a wonderful heartwarming post, my gosh Lolo, i forgot to breathe through it. It's just all so special and sweet and i believe you when you say you'll never forget it!
    lots of love,

  23. I totally know the feeling of frustration when the camera gets left behind. Worse yet - when the battery dies and I have no backup with me. Thank God for cell phone cameras.

  24. I did read this post when you posted it, just didnt comment. How sweet you are to have candies on the bed and such a lovely space to make your guests feel welcome. All the wonderful treats you created for them (boy I am not good at doing that for guests for some reason). I know they will remember their visit forever. And maybe next time you will fly to the Netherlands!