Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Marianne and Frida

Most of you know that our dear friend Marianne came to visit me all the way from the Netherlands. I still can't believe she was here in my home, my studio!
And most of you know that I have been working on a painting for her for over a year now in exchange for the exquisite birth mandala she painted for me.
I have had such angst over what to paint!  And I have had a few starts and failures.
I knew I wanted to do a portrait of Frida Kahlo for her but I kept trying to make it look like the ones we've already seen painted by herself and other artists.
It never felt "right" to me. And then I knew why.
I was tired of seeing her torment and sadness.
I wanted to paint her in a soft way in my own style.
No thorns holding the signature sparrow around her neck. No scars or blood from the fateful accident that haunted her life and her paintings.
So here I present to Marianne and you, "Young Frida."
Calm, sure, beautiful, feminine and happy at La Casa Azul.

Thank you Marianne, kindrid spirit and sister across the miles.
I will never forget this visit.

The last photo was taken by my other new and dear friend, Felix, Marianne's son. He is as magical as she is!


  1. AWESOME!!
    Awesome friend.
    Awesome visit!

    What a fabulous visit this was. I am in awe!

  2. Oh wow again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just can't believe I was there!
    Home since this afternoon and all the memories are popping up and I have so much to tell here.
    763 pictures to show.
    It was such a magical week!
    Meeting you dear. We were already friends but now I have a sister in the states as well.
    I love that picture with the hand on my heart which Felix took,
    I had to hold my heart because it was pounding when this treasure was revealed.............
    It hit me right there.
    Well we both know that it looks even better in the flesh. The gold leaf embellishments don't show on the pictures. I will show some pics of here later as well....
    I really could do a TT post with all the things I am grateful for of my visit, and Frida will be one of the mayor things!, but I am still tired.
    I will go to bed early and hope to have my energy back tomorrow.
    Well dear, you know I can't thank you enough for this!
    " It looks simple , but it is not" that was one of Felix' pearls of wisdom.
    We will miss you dear, the house , the furry friends, your DH.
    It was special and now I will see and hear you when you post or comment.
    It was magical and so is Frida!
    You are ONE stunning artist! and friend.


  3. Absolutely wonderful depiction of Frida---it says it all without the drama, but still a tinge of her future.
    You really nailed it Lolo!!! (andit sounds like you had a wonderful time!)


  4. hi its Felix i don't have a blog but im using me mother's ac i like Frida i hope you send is very fast kisses and hugs Felix ♥ miss: you brian and monky , pink monky :D

  5. Can I echo Marianne? WOW!!!!
    I love how you presented the painting....every GREAT work should have an unveiling like this... and....well, I have already told you how much I adore THIS Frida....your Frida...

    The photo of Marianne with her hand over her heart made me cry....
    I feel so happy that you two "Sisters of the Heart and Soul" finally met and spent time together. Felix - so wise beyond his years with his "Frida" comment.. (but then, he is Marianne's Son..... so how could he be anything BUT extraordinary)!

    Lo.....what a visit it was...and I know it is "only" the first of many....

    I am "thankful" it was a perfect week....and that everyone was enveloped in a magical spell of joy and love......

    As "M" said, you are a "Stunning Artist and Friend"! See, I am echoing her again....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Oh Lolo.. This is beautiful. I love it to pieces. Good rendition and how fun to have pictures of Marianne opening it. It sounds like the visit was perfect. Hope to hear more about it.

  7. omigosh, Laurel. Your vision of Frida is so unexpected, so beautiful. What a marvelous reminder of how she must have been before so much pain and physical suffering came into her life.

  8. wonderful portrait of the young Frida. Marianne will treasure it forever, I know. The visit sounds magical for all. My heart just opens as I read about it. Friends from miles apart, yet so close.

  9. I was thinking of you two together and felt so happy in my heart for you both. what a fantastic piece of art, what a lovely photo of marianne and i look forward to seeing some of her photos too. happiness all round.

  10. I feel like Marianne must have felt, be still my heart. What a beautiful unique painting. No wonder Marianne was holding her heart. You really outdid yourself this time Lolo. I am so glad you two got to get together. It was obviously magical. I can't wait to hear a lot of the details.

  11. I love it Lo, it is perfect. I like the idea of a happy Frida!
    I am so glad you had a wonderful visit. xoxo

  12. Oh that was beautiful Laurel...You are so very talented.


  13. Outstanding painting Laurel - I LOVE it! No wonder Marianne's heart was all a-flutter! How wonderfully special the visit must have been - I'm so glad to hear that you all had such a marvellous time! xx

  14. Speechless......STUNNING!!!! You did an outstanding I have missed SO much....didn't know she came over to visit. That is awesome as well, must find time to read and catch up!!!!

  15. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

    frida, you,marianne, felix...

    i am still speechless.


    my heart is surrounded by love from all of this.

  16. First let me say I am so happy for the two of you getting together as you did, having the time together and with KJ too. What fun it was to read about it, see some of it and share in the excitement!

    The unveiling of this portrait was fun too. I could hear Marianne's heart beating and her breath coming out in amazement and awe.

    Truth be told I do not know the story of Frieda. Just yesterday I grabbed by chance a book about her off the shelf at Borders and thumbed through it seeing the birds and spikes on her body it looked scary and threatening. I wasn't sure I wanted to know the whole story. I put the book back.

    YOur painting shows a soft side indeed and a beauty through and through. I love it. Your art always wows me Lolo.

    (and I also have to say I am happy to see that I was there too in spirit in that little orange rectangle! ;-)


  17. Good morning dear. Had to come back to see what other write about your awesome painting!

    Can you believe Felix is still sleeping!!!! It is 10.48!!!!
    I slept till 9.45!
    Germain said good afternoon when I got downstairs.

    Just had my 2 cups of coffee at the computer.
    Now I will have to get moving.
    Still so much to do here.......
    Must finish unpacking and get some order in the chaos here.
    The sun is shining and I just installed my rainbow maker so now I have rainbows in this rain room as well!
    What a find!!!!!!!

    It was good to see Frida again soon I will see her every day ;)


  18. Frida is beautiful, young and happy in your painting. I enjoyed the photo progression of the "revealing". I'm sure Marianne can't help but love this special gift.

  19. I agree with all of the above and more!

  20. Woooooooooooow,got goosebumbs or whatever you call them and lots of tears.........
    What a magical feeling I can't say it right in English but Lolo you understand it for sure.
    So very glad for Marianne because she's like you a giving person I love you both.

  21. dear Lolo,

    I can't tell you how much i enjoyed everybit of this visit, reading all about it at Mariannes, kjs, and here. It warmed my heart and had me smiling and sighing.

    How incredible is your painting, i love it very much. your unveiling made it all the more fun, you are an amazing artist. Did i already tell you how lovely it was to finally see you in the photos? you are a deeply kind person, it really shows.

    ♥ lori

  22. ooh yes, i do see my humble piece of art on your shelf- yippeeee it's there! thanks sweet pea. unfortunately i don't have marianne's accessibility to cheaper flights or i would definitely come and visit you. you know i would!

  23. Wonderful post!The portrait is fantastic:)You did a great work!

  24. You did a beautiful job on her! I have always found her a bit sorrowful too. Surely she had some happiness in her life! I'm glad you found it!

  25. a great gift from a great artist to another great artist...

    love the way her eyebrows form a bird flying in the calm sky of her face...