Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Header is Gone

I know I create art to hopefully make people smile and to stir something in them. A memory of a person or place perhaps, or an intangible~something they can't quite put their finger on.
I got an email from a lady the other day who fell in love with my header. She asked the price...I thought long and hard and made sure I was being fair to us both. So now this young lady up there on my header will be living in Arizona.
She was my post for Illustration Friday's promt, sugary.
And she was my first "bag lady." They say you'll always remember your first ;)
Thank you Karen. I know she'll be going to a good and loving home.


  1. When you put your heart into will remain in your heart forever...I feel the same when when the kittens I nuture leave their birth home, too.
    But get immense joy knowing they are giving someone else pleasure and happiness now...

  2. Way to go Lolo. I think your bag ladies are so appealing. I am happy for you that you sold one.

  3. Congrats Lolo.
    Great art deserves recognition, the specail way:)
    Thanks Lolo again, I just received your special gifts. They are all lovely and well under my safeguard:)
    Yoon Mun too send her best wishes too you.

  4. ooh, i like this! i hope you spend that $ for something special!

  5. Hi Laurel - so there are more bag ladies? Where ? Lucky lady who is getting this one!

  6. Whoo hoo!!! Don't you love it when someone contacts you about your work. Something not for sale but because they looove it!!! Me too!! Congrats hon!!! Sarah

  7. Lolo, that is so exciting and to think it will be living somewhere in Arizona!! WHOOHOO. I am going to miss that bag lady but I bet you are going to replace with another wonder.

  8. hey lo, what a great thing to happen to you.... congrats and 'way to go girl''s all those wfs bringing you luck.

  9. She is so gorgeous because I think she looks like you.

    For my birthday, if you send me a kiss, I will get it just before my birthday.

    So smooch up baby.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  10. What a thrill is it to see your work on line...but, better yet, to hold it in your own your own feel that direct connection with you as the artist...What a wonderful compliment to your abilities...and a loving gesture by you to let her "go" and fly free...She will have a good home in AZ no doubt!! 3lucky ladies...all around!! :)

  11. jeez, lo, i could send renee a kiss. i have experience...


  12. I love your bag ladies! Well, I love everything you do. My current fantasy is that we'll have a big old gathering of bloggers at a lake somewhere and we'll all sit around and make art and tell stories.

  13. I understand how hard it is to part with ones art. And yet what an honor for someone else to want it. I am happy for you both. ;-)I"m glad she can stay in your header, however! Was that part of the contract?

  14. KJ...a left jab!!! I know who it was intended for :)

    Debra Kay...that would be the most awesome gathering!! And I know Emma would be welcome :)

    Lynn...I always reserve all rights to my art. Thank goodness I've always sold it or given it to trusting souls :)

    Renee...I wish I looked like her!
    I sent you 2 kisses at your place ;)

    SB...the wfs will always continue!

    And to all of you...thanks for the nice comments. I'll create more bag lady sisters!


  15. lo and debra kay, i volunteer my place for the big old gathering. i don't have a lake but i have a hot tub and a capaccino machine!

    a left jab? no jabs associated with kisses, lo. my experience comes from what is politely called 'sexual preference' and/or 'non-traditional relationships'!

    and i would send renee a dozen kisses via express mail if it brightened her day in any way.

    and i'd send you a dozen too!

  16. Yes darling I totally think she looks like you.

    I received the kiss. Holy shit, it was such a great kiss.

    You have a very lucky husband.

    I was telling Angelique about the two books you have written. I can't remember if you gave me the names of the books?

    Love just another admirer who was lucky enough to turn into a friend.

    By the way I met your friend jk, who she is an awesome chick.

    Love Renee xoxox

  17. Very wonderful news, Lolo! Congrats!

  18. Oooh, I'm a feeling a little spurt of envy here...I want one too! The 'bag lady' was the picture I saw first when I came across your magical blog a little while back during an IF tour, and I have loved her ever since! It was truly an 'oh wow' moment.

  19. Shame on me I missed this one and the opportunity to congratulate you!
    Must have been a double feeling, someone who wants your art and you having to let go........
    well I think it is very cool!
    I really would liketo see it on that site....Can you give me the link?

    hug >M<