Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finding Beauty in My Mailbox

My niece was supposed to arrive today for a 5 day visit but sadly had to change plans at the last minute. I know she'll be out to see me another time, or perhaps we'll meet up when I move back to her coast.

It's amazing how a knock on the door from the postal carrier can change your frown to a smile!

A few days ago I got a lovely note and a CD of Anne Murray's Duets from a new and dear blogging friend, Renee. She lives in Winnipeg, Canada and thought perhaps I was missing some good old Canadian "noise!" ( I was born in Canada and I lived in Winnipeg as a baby.) I love our connection. She's quite special!
Another couple of days went by and I got a stunning bookmark and card from Margaret at Waterblossoms. It's the one I wanted! I'll be sure to place it in a favorite book so I can see it often. Check out her blog and take a peek at her stunning sketchbooks and zentangles!
Thanks so much Margaret!!

As you know I had an envelope giveaway a few weeks ago. It was a raven. I drew Brian Blankenship's name and mailed it off to him with a couple of my printed cards. I was blown away when I opened a package from him and it was this original drawing! Wow, all for a little envelope. Thanks, Brian! You rock!

It will be framed and admired for years to come.

Another blogging friend whose work I admire is Neil Ornstein. Whenever he comments on one of my posts, I bow to the computer and say "I'm not worthy!!" He reminds me of my favorite professor. I always have a feeling which pieces he'll like and which ones he'll stay away from. He also liked the raven envelope and offered to do a trade. I just wanted to draw another one for him, which I did but he insisted that I pick out a print. It arrived today and it's amazing! Look!

I'm not worthy!! Thank you Neil. I will frame and treasure this always.
A dear friend who does the most amazing mandalas sent me one of my favorites, the purple spiral! Marianne is also working on my birth mandala. I can't wait!
Thank you Marianne!
My friend Soulbrush (who spoils me rotten) gives me many awards, letters and gifts. My most recent gift is a tea towel from her trip back home to South Africa. She's an amazing woman and dear friend with a heart as big as all outdoors.
Bless you dear one, and thanks always.

Finally, my sweet friend Mim surprised me with my very own copy of her book "Miss Em's Adventures." I was grinning from ear to ear because I've been following Miss Em on Mim's blog. My name was supposed to go into a hat for a drawing, but Mim was touched by a painting I did of her long-ago dog, Sampson. It was my pleasure. Thank you Mim! I love love love the book!

A little knock on the door, some cards and gifts of art from new friends.

Today is a good day! Beauty found me.


  1. Fantastic happiness for you! But you know what Lolo?, you are so kind to everyone, this is just others paying forward and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!!

  2. oh how sweet Teri, thanks so much. (Blush)

    I had to go back and add a couple more. I hope I haven't left anyone out :)

  3. I am so very pleased that you liked it. I loved the stuff that you sent me. I used to belong to and did a lot of trades. We should do it again.

  4. Laurel no one deserves that stash more than you. Seriously, it is raining more than rain out there.

    I went to all the sites and they are fantastic, I will be stalking them now.

    I was wondering do you think if I send that guy a box of envelopes I may get a box of original pictures.

    Thank you for the most wonderful post I've read today.

    Love your pal. Renee

  5. dear ms. lolo: a person needs to be very special in order to receive this many and this caliber of unconditional gifts. i dare say that person would have to have a unique way of understanding the love and kindness embodied in giving and receiving.

    and that, ms. lolo, is who you are...

  6. You have been mightly blessed Lolo. You are worthy don't forget that.

  7. What goes around, comes around. It is nice to see such good coming around you....what treasures!

  8. Wow, you are one lucky lady...and you deserved it all. I am happy for you! You are generous with your art. Nice when others gift you too. ;-) enjoy your riches.

    I'm sure you'll have a super visit with your niece when the time is right for both of you. ;-)

  9. well wow! the universe certainly knew you needed a little boost when your niece had to cancel her plans - and this way she'll come when the sun is shining.
    Glad you like the little book - isn't it amazing what you can do on a MAC

  10. Dear, beauty finds you because you go forth and sow it. (So, sew, sow...ok, it's right but it doesn't look right).

  11. Indeed you deserve all these treasures! Glad one of my ATC's contributed to your happy feeling!
    Pity your niece cancelled but next time she will visit the sun will be shining, maybe it is all meant to be!
    I agree with all the other comments Lolo, what goes around coomes around!
    love to you

  12. Oh! How wonderful - reading about your lovely treats from far-off friends made me feel almost as excited and thrilled as you must have been, Lolo!

    And now I have more inspiring blogs full of absolute deliciousity to visit, so thank you so much for sharing those.

  13. OMG so many presents and it is the wealth of the universe pouring in to your mailbox!
    This is about "what you give comes around" situation, bless you Laurel :-)

    Have a wonderful week-end...