Monday, March 30, 2009

Cactus Monday Afternoon

Eeeegads, the day almost got away from me before I had a chance to whip up a cactus! Here it is, fast and dirty!

Happy Cactus Monday you wild bunch of Cactuteers!


  1. Wish I could whip that fast! No matter what you do it is beautiful!!


  2. fast is good it seems, I love it! HCM

  3. that's how i love my cactuses-fast and dirty! hey you, what's this 'packing' soon. tell me all sister.

  4. What a gorgeous one this is again!
    And I agree with Teri!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

    Are you feeling better?

  5. fast and dirty huh? Fast on the draw that is you and oh so good too. Beautiful flowers blooming on this so you cactus.

  6. these are terrific contrasting colors, lo--the border around the blue background. it carries me to mexico or some southwestern place with cold margaritas and warm nachoes.

    (love love)

  7. Great Cactus Monday Post, love the shapes and vibrant colors!

  8. Such a happy little piece...super color! :) HCM!

  9. Nuttin dirty about this cactus. It is a beauty. Such cheerful colors.

  10. I love the vivid colors! You sure can whip something up quickly! Great!!!!! Happy CM!!!

  11. Nice pure clean bright colors...
    Wonderful angle - perspective!

    Such a happy and sunny situation! I can feel it!
    Have a wonderful week and HCM!

  12. Laurel I got a beautiful card in the mail and it was enclosed in the most wonderful brown paper envelope. That is what all envelopes should look like.

    I was at the hospital all morning getting pamidronite for my bones and was just whatever. I then read the card and your words touched me so much.

    Wahid came home from work about an hour later and I read it to him. And do you know I was so choked I could barely get throug it. I was bawling and then he was teary eyed too.

    Wahid asked who is this nice lady and I said she is my raven sister.

    I am thankful to have you in my life and believing that I will make it. It makes me think that maybe I will. Although, of course I know I won't.

    Love Renee xoxoo

    Wahid came

  13. Sister Raven, it is me, your sister.

    I haven't received the tile but am super excited about it. Did you know I love tiles and clay and all that fun stuff.

    How are all your patients. How many are you taking care of now. I keep asking about that elderly lady and her companion. How is everything going there.

    The Renee award is by Ces and Bella. Isn't it beautiful. Would you like to have it to come and stay at your salon too. I know I would be honoured because you inspire me so.

    Have you met Ces yet, truly a real character. She has a huge sense of fun and I totally adore her too.

    Love Renee xoox

  14. (her voice drops to a whisper and she shyly asks:)

    do you think i could be a raven sister too? you and renee and little ms. kj? is there room for me, because if there is, i would be a fun and loyal and appreciative raven sister to you both...


  15. Your cactus is such a hearty soul, and decked out in beatiful vivid [yes I'm going to use "vivid" as well] colors.

    Handsome cactus.

  16. Beautiful blog! Thank you for your comment on mine today!

    Incidentally I DO "cheat" and paint from my own photographs (much to my professor's surprise)... I reasoned in my own mind it is o.k., if I were the one to take the photo (ie I already composed the painting in my mind)! =)

  17. Hello my friend - hope all is well with you. This is a lovely cactus, how do you whip these up so quickly??! I am itching to join in on Cactus Mondays so will just have to write it into my schedule (otherwise it will just be another 'wanna-do' floating around in my head lol)


  18. Do you love empty offers of help? If so, if I can, tell me how I can help you with all the things you have to do.

    Are you packing now for the move. I guess it seems so far away to me because it is in the summer and YES we are having another blizzard as I type right now. Fuck off snow.

    You will have to tell me if you can later about your new patient because I always send them loving energy and I hope that maybe some comfort gets to them. Well actually I know it does. You are the comfort.

    I laughed so hard at your sister, please tell her I love her. Is this the same sister that tells you to get it out of your head about being part native? She is hillarious.

    Don't add the stress of the gift to your head, I know I will get it soon and you know I will let you know the minute I do. You are so thoughtful.

    Okay now my advice of overwhelmed. Just take it easy, you can only do one thing at a time and if people are willing to help you then let them.

    Laurel all of a sudden I feel like crying. I just read again where your new case makes you sad and you don't want to make me sad and sister Raven and dear heart and I totally feel like crying.

    I feel your heart just as if there was an invisible string between my heart and yours. I feel that with some people, not many, but some and I have felt it with you right from the start. What do you think that means. Have we been connected some over time?

    Okay, now I am even driving myself nuts, so I will let you go.

    Love Renee xoxox

  19. HCM!!!! (only in real time it's HAW)