Monday, March 16, 2009

Cactus Monday: Purple Haze

I've managed to squeeze out a cactus ATC for today, now would someone please come and relieve me of my duties so I can do my Illustration Friday?

Hubby is away and I'm left with my wonderful but NEEDY dog and clients that are having meltdowns because of personal problems. I'm going to see my patients and do some hand-holding so please check back by tonight okay?

I'm jonesing to paint!

Happy Cactus Monday you crazy bunch! (I mean that lovingly!)

watercolors and Copic markers from KJ :)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh wow! Amazing! A lovely Moon Cactus ATC! Beautiful
    hope your round will be ok and you will have time to do your IF.
    Happy Cactus Monday dear Lolo!

  2. Luv, luv, luv it! Saying a quick "hope it gets all better and you can paint" prayer for you!!!

  3. HCM to you too. This is another beautiful drawing and painting Lolo. I love the colors...
    I hope your work goes well for you and is good giving and not too draining. Renew yourself.

  4. LOL Jonesing to do artwork!!! I love your cactus!!! They are wonderul! I miss the desert this time of the year!!!! Sarah

  5. I love these colors. What an inspiration. Happy Cactus Monday.

  6. I love how the shadows are cast down from teh cactus!!! And the starry night, of course, too!!!

    Happy CM! Get out those paints tonight and howl by the light of the moon!!!

  7. Laurel how is the elderly lady and her dog? I think it was a dog.

    I hope that you save up some energy for yourself too. Don't get worn out.


    Love Renee

  8. Ohhhh, beauteous!!! love those colors and the shadows are great.


  9. A beauty!!!- cactus putting up the sun- or yellow moon! (I know that "jonesing" feeling-- hope you get a fix- for our benefit and yours).

  10. what a western feel!

    were they fun to use?


  11. You are such a doll Laurel the ATC is wonderful, the envelope and the whole little package is a gem.

    Thank you so much, I feel so honored... all these colorful cacti are like your little trademarks...

    Wonderful moon scene and HCM to you!

  12. Love the colors here! Too bad you can't just say to dogs etc. "Excuse me, but I need to go paint now!" Good luck.

  13. I hope the day smoothed out! Purple haze, all in my brain......

  14. Thisis spectacular...I love the rosy southwest and lovely! Wonderful job!

    My special little package arrived as a Cactus Monday surprise on Cactus Monday itself!!! Great planning!... I am simply favorite ATC and an envelope that is a stunner....Love love love!!!! Merci!

  15. It's amazing what you "squeeze out!" Love the colors... and, of course, just loving your cactuses these days!

  16. Ohhh! This is my piece!!!!
    I have received it today and I must say it is so much more beautiful in real!!!!!!!!
    I loved it when I saw it on your blog the first time but today I was in awe! Also the envelope!
    Well everything
    Thanks a million!
    You are such a sweetheart!

    Lots of love!