Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrating Renee

Today is the birthday of one of my newest blogger friends, Renee.

There are a few people in blogland that have touched my heart and have become my dear friends. You know who you are.

I met Renee when she started commenting on my posts and the very first time she showed up she signed it, "love, Renee." I had no idea who she was or why she loved me, so I had to investigate! Well let me tell you that Renee is all about love. I knew that the instant I started reading her posts and the comments left by fellow readers. Even though she's living with a terrible disease, she puts emphasis on 'living' and embraces it every day. She has touched the hearts of every blogger who has stopped by her place, not out of sympathy for her, but because of who she is at the core. You must stop by and meet her and give a birthday hello. You'll see what I mean!

Dear Renee, sister in the trees, raven heart, kindred spirit and lover of life~

may this day hold magic for you and be all you desire it to be and more.

You teach me to be grateful for every breath and every blade of grass.

You make me laugh out loud and you make me weep when I need to.

You are a champion. You kick ass and I love you.

Birthday blessings today my friend, and many more down the road.




  1. now i'm crying.

    some special people just cut through blocks and bull and those people guide you to love. i'm grateful to you, lo, for being one of those people for me and for introducing me to renee. i haven't been able to be so forthright in my 'i love you's" to renee as some others, but it is love and only love i am feeling right now.

    what a wonderful tribute in colors and words.

  2. Renee is mightly blessed to have you as a friend. Happy Birthday Renee.

  3. renee is blessed i agree, to have you lo. happy boifday renee.

  4. It is great that two such people have found and APPRECIATE each other. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Happy birthday to Renee and thank you for introducing her. You also have that specialness Lolo so it's no wonder you two connected.

  6. No Fiestaware as it was in the elm grove. A lovely tribute to a lovely woman. She sure is special.

  7. What a beautiful post for your friend!
    You can only see in her what you have yourself, she is your mirror.

    She is special but so are you!
    It´s magic how some people find each other in blogland!
    Must have been meant to be........

    Happy birthday Renee!
    And for you big hug from me!

  8. LAUREL! I LOVE this picture! This is exactly as I see her, full of grace and charm and beauty and dignity, with so many adoring fans. And I think she could seriously bring back the toga as a fashion statement. What a beautiful post. She will love it, I have no doubt.

  9. An awesome collage for a wonderful friend. You sure do know how to GIVE.

    I miss YOU in the banner...
    and the new one is great...
    but I miss the down cast eyes of the brown bag lady. ;-)

  10. Lovely tribute Laurel, I'm sure Renee will love it! So pleased that your butterfly card arrived safely too!

  11. Laurel, sweet sweet Laurel.

    You must know how much I love this picture. Oh boy, I love it.

    Your words, well those too you must know how much I love them.

    You are my friend Laurel. A true friend to me and I want you to know that I will always be a true friend to you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Great tribute and wonderful image!

  13. this is wonderful - I just found her blog also, it's so honest and open. God bless her - I hope the damn disease just GOES AWAY

  14. I love your new banner! Happy Birthday, Renee.

  15. good morning! i thought i'd stop by here on this sunday morning in my spot of the world and tell you that you bring alot of sunshine and community to blogland!

    you are one special h.b.

    xo plus :)

  16. Such talent. Thanks for commenting on my blog. We all need to write our stories down. It helps us heal.

  17. here i am again. i'm trying out my new avatar--to see how it looks.


  18. Happy Birthday Renee-yeah, I'm still late.

  19. I don't know Renee but I recently visited her blog and she in turn visited mine and left the kindest comment.
    What a gem...