Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Visiting Friends

Many of you know that my dear blogging friend Kj and I have met in person and now live two hours apart. Our friendship is easy and effortless, as if we've been friends since childhood.
This weekend I drove 100 plus miles to her house, no small feat for me with my driving fears. I bought a GPS, said a little meditation about being safe and off I went. It was a breeze! I actually enjoyed the drive and was there before I knew it.
Mim and Debra Kay were supposed to join us for the weekend too but sadly each had something pressing to deal with. Next time ladies!
There are no pictures of us in this post. What I did do was walk around the outside of KJ and JB's wonderful home and snapped pictures of things in the yard and in the park behind their house.
So please come along with me on this walk!


Azalea offerings at the front door...

Buzzing bees keeping busy...

The famous Magic Cottage! JB's art haven...

It seems JB has gone dancing with the mermaids!

A side view of the Magic Cottage and a sweet little bird hanger.

Look closely. Do you believe in fairys?

Iron and lace...

Three graces near the front door...

A delightful trio of rusted petals adorns a side fence...

More garden whimsy...

A little sundial at the base of an oak tree, kept company by a bleeding heart.

More whimsy with elegance...

Nestled cairns, KJ's creations.

Amber and iron spires...

And a magnolia starburst!

Now let's take a stroll in the park.

Past the frilly cherry tree...

Behind the pond capturing reflections...

Where an empty bench waits for company.

And finally a quick snapshot downtown before hitting the road to home.
It was a delightful and all too short weekend.
Thank you KJ and JB. You were gracious hostesses and great fun to be with! 
Let's do it again ;) ♥


  1. Wow! What fun to go visit a blog friend! And close too. Bravo for braving the trip and glad it turned out to be easy for you.
    Her house and grounds remind me of my friend Sam's house/garden in Oregon. All that wonderful yard art.
    I'd love to see INSIDE that art studio too! Next time maybe?
    How wonderful that so many of you are in the same "neighborhood". Lucky gals all.

    AND I LOVE your new banner painting!

  2. I am so happy you shared all that beautiful art work outside. And the blooms. Such fun to live close to a buddy and get to be creative together.

  3. Hi Laurel. I just love those nesting stacks of rocks. Much eye candy here but darn those rocks are fun. Rock stacking is FUN.

  4. You are such a lucky devil. What fun to get together with blogging friends. It is fun to see KJ's garden through your eyes.

  5. What lovely photos and what a lovely home and studio. Look what you would have missed by not going.

  6. sounds like a whole lotta fun with two great gals. and love the photos, you have such an artistic eye with your camera. xxx

  7. Unbelievable pictures. What a treasure and great memory of your trip. Glad you made it safe and sound. Keep it coming

  8. gorgeous photo's lo - wish I was there. or even paper me.

  9. your loving eyes and photography skills would make anybody's yard look fab. thank you, my wonderful friend, for highlighting # 9 and for bringing such fun to our weekend. and didn't we have fun!!!!

    i think we will do this again and again. here, there, at mim's, in provincetown, hell, we might even end up in oklahoma.

    i love that we have become friends. i love you like the sister i never had.

    do you mind all this mush?

  10. These friends live in a magical wonderland! it ever gorgeous!!! Glad you got to go visit. The blue and the bird decor made me think of guess who??? YOU!!! I can see why you get along so famously!!!

  11. What a fantasy come true...and the magical art cottage...My fave!!! I am truely in love! What wonderful heart is filled! :)

  12. thanks for this tour of KJ's world! You know, I used to have what I called "driving phobia." I was fine on side and back roads but the big highway gave me sweats. Then I took a weeklong yoga workshop and somehow the grip of fear for driving went away after about 30 years! Although I still dont like to drive really long distances, I am more at ease for sure.

    I'd love to join with you guys sometime when you meet. Sounds like you have great fun.

  13. You've brought kj's garden and home to life! It sounds like such a great visit. I take photos when I visit friends as well...especially when friends are artistic, as kj and JB are.

    I'm glad you got there safely. Now you won't have any trouble visiting again and again. I have a blogging friend an hour away...we visit a couple of times a year!

  14. Ah, Lo....what a wonderful time you had. How could it not be so? KJ, JB and Stella's place is a MAGICAL KINGDOM... and you fit in perfectly. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos......I felt I was there too....

    I do have one question..... where was Emily? Was she bar-hopping again?

    Love you,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  15. What a wonderful tour you've given Laurel - Kj has a lovely place and seen through your eyes it does indeed look magical! Lucky you to be able to visit!

  16. Oh wow what a magical place!
    Thanks for taking me there (a little)
    So good to see you had so much fun and your images are just beautiful!