Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Does a starfish count?

This is what I've been busy doing this past week. It's a birthday surprise for my friend Barb while she's away on vacation in Arizona! She said to do whatever I wanted, but trust me I had some limits here.
Barb is ultra traditional and her kitchen has been the same for the past twenty-two years! I did the last theme as well, black cats and red/white gingham touches.
I took all of the kitty pictures out of the frames and replaced them with four lovely poppy paintings, one of course by Georgia O'Keefe. Then I went to work on this wall, all free-form with very little pre-drawing. (I hate to have to erase lines after!)
This is a very small wall so I kept the design light and flowing. This wall is to the left of the step up into her kitchen. The starfish, sand dollar, beach glass and shells were added because of all the time Barb has spent on Cape Cod at her family's treasured cottage.
(Here's a bit of detail. I hope they enlarge.)

I had a hard time with the shadowing because the wall kept resisting the glaze. Shadowing is my favorite part! That, and detail. Oh well, it will have to do.
And YES, this is what I was painting when I fell backwards and hit my head.
I can't believe I didn't drag my red paintbrush down the wall.
So, Happy Animal Wednesday from me and Grady, my helper ;)


  1. this is just gorgeous. will you come to my house when I get one and paint??

  2. Your friend will love this Lolo. It is so cheerful. I hope your head isn't still hurting. Your helper seems quite pleased with the project.

  3. Very lovely! I am such a sucker for red though.....even if you had dragged the paintbrush down the wall I would have liked it!
    And Grady seems to like it, so life is GOOD, yes???


  4. What a terrific surprise!!! Everything looks perfect because you know her so well. Jut beautiful!!


  5. OMGosh that is beautiful. She will love it. what a wonderful friend you are. I hope you're feeling better and no affects from your fall. Kitty looks mighty comfy there. Cut pix.

  6. Hi Grady!!!

    Beautiful work on the kitchen wall...she will absolutely LOVE it! I love red poppies...

  7. They sure do!!!!

    My what a gorgeous surpprise you have created for your friend!!!!!
    LOVELY! And perfect for her I think.

    Love your "little" helper.....

    A pity I can enlarge the pictures very much on my ini mini laptop.... but I will at home.

    I had a good nights sleep and today I will go to a Bhuddist temple to meditate with a colleague.
    The sun is shining and I feel wonderful!



  8. awwww.

    this is fabulous. beautiful. very cape coddy. i didn't know you also replaced and reframed.

    you are a good friend. your friend will be jubilant when she sees this.

    you are a good friend. i should know.


  9. Oh my! It looks fabulous so far ... even so, what job accomplishes anything without a site supervisor? GO GRADY! Get to work, Laurel!

  10. Lolo you are fantastic what a dear Friend....

    Hope you and M. come to visit some day in France and don't forget your pencils LOL.


  11. Absolutely gorgeous work - with that dreamy quality that marks it a Lo painting....

    And....I have to say it again, I love the expression on your Furry Assistant's face!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Love what you have done here, Laurel. The combination of red poppies (I dream of Italy) and seashore treasures is so unexpected, but, it WORKS. Barb will be counting her friendship blessings when she returns home.

  13. I am in awe of your talent, and I can't tell you often enough, it seems! I am attracted to red this year...I've planted loads of poppies, red petunias and geraniums. I wish you could come and paint my wall, lolo! Your friend will love is so cheerful and warm.

  14. This is so pretty! And so special because it was made by you! I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with this, I would be.

  15. Oh ouch! Beautiful work though X:-)

  16. OOOh MY...this is so sweet! I love the dangling shells...great little shadows...looks very real! what a treat to have a Lolo wall in one home! Awesome!

  17. Ah, I knew I would love it!!! And your friend will be over the moon! How clever you are to paint it directly on the wall - think I'd be a bit nervous with that red paint. Love your rotund helper!

  18. This is just beautiful Lolo! I have a sister who stencils on walls and they look wonderful, but your freehand art is so beautiful. And personal. I'm sure she will love it!