Friday, May 14, 2010

A Discriminating Taste In Books

I got the nicest email today straight out of the blue. This wonderful stranger, father of this beautiful baby girl had this to say.

"Dear Laurel (I hope you don't mind the imformality of my greeting),

I just wanted to share a picture with you of my 7 month old daughter Brooklyn as we read your book, "I Love MY Daddy Because..." during our weekly trip to Barnes & Noble.
As we approached the giant display of Father's Day books, she looked around and reached for your book first. After thoroughly enjoying the taste of the book, she listened intently while I read to her while she stared and poked at the pictures of all the animals.
I think this picture of her captured the moment as I stopped reading for a minute to reposition the book.

Thank you for creating a timeless moment for me and my daughter and a picture all my family and friends have enjoyed and smiled at."

Warm regards,

This simple random act of kindness changed my whole day.
Can you see me smiling?
Thank you, M.L., and you too Ms. Brooklyn ;)

To my friends: My mother died in 1985 and I was with her when she took her final breath. My father died 13 months later. These books are my humble tribute to them for doing the best they knew how. The books were published in 1991 and are still going strong many printings later, in many languages and many formats. I feel blessed even though I didn't get to illustrate them.
 Maybe this is my parents way of finally being there for me and letting me know I did okay for a poor kid from the inner city deep in the bowels of Boston. 


  1. what a total doll!! that this comes from a DAD makes this even more special.

    i wonder if everyone knows you are a published author with one of the most successful children's books of the century?

    plus, you are an awesome friend.

    guess who

  2. i can second that as maggie munchkin also loves your books. it was the first ones she got,and they were read to her over and over again. they were instrumental in giving her her love of books and although she now has many, these still stand proudly on her shelf. i agree totally with 'guess who'.

  3. Oh Laurel. I got chills. I still have them. What a wonderful gift for you to receive. Your heart must be bursting with smiles.

  4. I am sure you had to sponge up your heart. What a little darling and what a thoughtful father to send such a lovely note and photo.

  5. What a perfect commendation!

  6. Aw, such a lovely note (and photo) to receive! ♥

  7. Being a "newbie" to all of the blogging worlds, I did not know about your literary success.....but, I AM NOT SURPRISED, not one bit!

    How wonderful to know that your words and drawings have inspired so many parents and (especialy) young ones to read and learn and dream....

    Lo - you are amazing!

    (And, so nice to see wonderful things bring light to you!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. That is so wonderful and thoughtful. It's one thing for him to experience this with his daughter, but another thing altogether for him to take the time to write about it to you! Love, Silke

  9. Oh how amazingly wonderful for you. You deserve all of the accolades you get. Great job. Great art !!

  10. Well I got tears in my eyes reading this. What a lovely thing for him to have done. I did not know you puplished childrens books. wow. That is so cool. Congrats. :)

  11. I sure didnt know you were a published author!! Wow. congrats. and this baby is just toooo precious. already devouring books at his young age. hurrah.

  12. I love that random act of kindness and yes I can feel you smiling :)

    I also didn't know that you had published childrens books. That is wonderful.

    I understand the loss of parents... I too live without them, but of course they comfortably rest in my heart.

    best wishes and thank you for sharing this lovely email.

    x Robyn

  13. Dear Laurel - I was so moved when I read this. How utterly heartwarming - I can well imagine how that must have made your day - so good for you right now, too! I knew about this book - I'm not entirely sure, but I think Joss might have mentioned it. I must try to find a copy. xx

  14. my darling friend, the addendum that you've added says so much. you are a star in every way. your parents, your teachers, your fans, your loyal friends know that is so very and totally true.


  15. OMG...I must have your book for my grandkids, girl! I am going to B & N tomorrow morning sharp!

    What a really nice letter!!!

    I CAN see you smiling and I am too!!! :)

    Congrats, Laurel.

  16. that dad is a are you my friend.. as are you!

  17. OOOOOh! What joy! Your warm smile can be felt all the way here in the desert...Such a heartfelt posting. Hugs to you!

  18. What a wonderful thing, taking the time to let you know how special your book was to them and what a sweet little baby, hee hee!

    Makes me realize I must find a copy of your books for myself!

  19. How incrediably sweet to get that email. What a thoughtful man.
    Sweet with a capitol S.

    I am sure your parents are both very proud of you.
    Write another with your own drawings please! It too will sell millons.

  20. Oh Lo What a heartwarming story. What a precious gift out of the blue to get this mail and picture!
    Your parents sure can be proud of you. And I am always convinced parents do the best they can.... and you did more than OK!!!!
    I admire you for that you know;)
    Oh I can imagine how this made your day!
    Will mail you later............


  21. I have to believe that most parents do the best that they can. Parents, like all the rest of us, are not perfect in every way all the time. We wouldn't be human than, would we? I too shall have to find your books. I've checked your etsy site and have never seen them. Do you sell copies yourself or only through a distributor?

  22. This is so completely awesome, Lolo!! I did not know you were a published author. You are so blessed with so many gifts, my dear! And in each one, your talents are magnificent!

    I'm so glad you posted this, my friend...imagine how many children love your books, how many hearts you have sown with love!

    Kudos to you!! xoxo

  23. So proud of you!!!
    Can I order the books at Amazon ?

    My Mom died to in 1985,lucky me became mother myself in the same year.....

    Good to have M. back.