Friday, May 07, 2010

Skywatch Friday: bad views, good views

We had a wild storm pass through a couple of days ago. You can usually count on a wonderful, dramatic sky when the weather starts to clear. Now that I'm not living down the street from an amazing beach I have to deal with these ugly power lines and wires.
(Of course I praise said power lines and wires when I have a good computer connection!)
Well, the sky was so pretty I took a couple of photos anyway.
I just love that 'after the rain' smell in the air!
I went around to the side door and gasped at the light that was hitting the trees in the back yard. No power lines, just pure glowing sunshine and a glimpse of the blue sky!
Now we're talking!

Happy Skywatch Friday!
Please visit more folks and their sky shots here :)


  1. Lovely skies, even with the wires.

  2. sometimes the sunlight on trees is just totally magic

  3. Wires or no, NOTHING beats the smell after a rain.... clouds, trees, birds, flowers, everyone is revitalised....

    Beautiful shots - as always!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. It's a lovely day, indeed! I love the clear sky and the refreshing smell after the rain, too.

  5. There is nothing nicer than electricity AFTER the storm, as I well know! ;)
    Lovely pics, and I am drawn to the one of the tree with the glowing after-storm sunshine. It is SO different than regular sun!


  6. Isn't it fun that we are beginning to see more color in the skies now?. Fun photos.

  7. Yay. You just let it be and nature rewarded you.


  8. Lovely skies are easy to see through the wires and distractions of every day life.

  9. Dramatic skies indeed! We've had them too, but not so spectacular as these. :)

  10. Wow.. Love that last photo. It reminds me of the paitings of the California impressionists of the teens and twenties. The light on the trees. Something they would have painted with that dramatic light. I used to see them in the Joan Irivine museum In Irvine CA.

  11. Wonderful pictures. Love that last one. Almost unreal........