Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday: My Traveling Journal Has Found Her Way Home

Well here she is! My book from the ArtySoulSisters project has finally come full circle.
I'm having an awful lot of trouble with my computer today (and my stiff neck from my fall) so please click on this link to see the entire project, page by glorious page.
This will be a forever keepsake. I admire each and every one of these women that helped me put together a book with a "journey" theme, whether spiritual or physical.
Thank you ladies! You sure do rock!  

Please click to enlarge the beauty!
This was a labor of love from the start.


  1. It is an incredible journal! How exciting to get it back again all full of love!!!

  2. Oooh.....I love this gorgeous journal. (Left a comment on the ArtySoulSisters blog - so I won't paraphrase!)

    I will say it is perfect for you Lo. You can tell each page was done with love.

    I hope you are feeling better - and that your back is not too bruised....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. That's a wonderful concept that has come to fruition beautifully.

    You've created a treasure :)

    thanks for sharing
    best wishes
    robyn :)

  4. It was such fun to participate in this exchange and an inspriation to see all the pages. I am gladI was at the tail end of the exchange so I could see all the pages.

  5. so absolutely gorgeous. in fact it is quite fabadabadillishus.

  6. Wow, what a project! That's really a gorgeous journal and it really projects such loving energy. Hope you're feeling better!!!

  7. Good morning Laurel. What a treasure. I used to do books like this a few years back and was so excited to see the results when they arrived back home. I am looking forward to doing one again someday. 16 working days left. Yay!

  8. Lo, This is a beautiful, stunning book! I love it all and know that you will treasure it always. I only wish I had got in on this oneI hope your body feels better soon.

  9. so many comments include the word 'treasure' because this IS a BIGTIME treasure. i imagine you will look at it at different points in your life and you will remember this year of the blogs, each wonderful artist, sending love across the skies.


  10. Truly gorgeous and beautiful keepsake!

  11. Commented on this in the other blog but its still wonderful. :) I am hoping you are doing ok after your Fall.

  12. Wow,congrats!It's a fantastic journal!What a great project:)

  13. That is a great snippet of all those lives put together in one place. How wonderful and what a treasure!

  14. A great journal, each page uniquely wonderful.
    Not long ago I received my Girlfriends Traveling Sketchbook back.How much FUN these projects are!
    Hope you aren't horribly sore from the fall, Grace.

  15. I was away today and thought of you wondering how you were after your fall imagining your musclles would ache more today....
    Really hope you will be better soon. Some forced rest.....

    You take care and take it easy!

    I love your book!
    Think I will take mine with me this summer to show you.


  16. Splendid...each time you open her will be as exciting as the first time...what a wonderland of special treasures...:)