Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cats and Pratfalls

Today was an interesting day.
It started out by me taking a couple of photos of this cute fish and cat teapot that my sister bought me when she came to visit on Saturday. We love going to second-hand stores and antique shops. For now I've placed him on the shelf between the kitchen and the dining room. I think he's smitten with that bunny!

Here is another view with the light from my studio doorway in the background. I'm standing in my galley kitchen in front of my stove.
Thank you pat. I love this little guy! he makes a wonderful addition to all of my blue and white pieces. (But you knew he would!)

This handsome, adorable awesome guy is Grady, my friend's cat. They're away in Sedona, Arizona for a much needed vacation. Grady has special needs because he's a herpes kitty with major sinus issues. Let's just say it was a very messy nose day today!
That said, I'm doing a mural (small trompe l'oeil actually) for his mom's birthday while she's away. I have carte blanche (which I love!)   
Grady felt the need to help. Um, I don't think so!

This is how he watched me when he wasn't chewing and batting my paintbrushes all over the kitchen or trying to spill my paint water or trying to walk through my pallette!
Helper? Um, not so much!
Good company? You bet!

What happened next was not so pleasant.
I knew I was pushing it because I didn't have the right ladder, I didn't wear the right shoes for support and I hadn't eaten any lunch which is NOT good for low blood sugar.
I remember falling in slow motion but still feeling panicked. I'm not so young and limber now. My body twisted in defense reaction and tried to right itself but there's a high guard on the stepstool I was on and my foot got tangled.
 From 3 feet up I went straight back to the floor with nothing to hold on to. I had a paintbrush in one hand, a paint tray in the other and I went CRASH in a very ugly, scary way.
My head hit the floor and bounced twice.
I could have hit the edge of the stove but I somehow missed it.
I have never felt so blessed for a FAT ASS in my whole life because that may have been what saved me! I fell to a half-sitting position and then my head snapped back.
Um, hellloooo, flashes of Natasha Richardson here!
From now on I really have to pay attention to my concerns ( i.e. changing shoes, getting right ladder) instead of brushing them off.
Take the time to do the right thing.
I really do want to be here for a zillion more years. If I'm not mindful of the needs of my aging self, I may not have to worry about aging anymore.
Moral of the story: if something doesn't feel right from the start, it probably isn't.
And oh, I'm sore as all get out. Ugh. My aching backside.


  1. Oh, I am so glad you are ok! Sometimes it's easy to dismiss that nagging voice that says "be careful". I don't know if it's just getting old (boo) but I am more aware of how simple things can turn in to really bad things - snap - like that!

    Just from the photos, I am in love with your neighbor's cat! What a cutie pie!

  2. OH NO. I feel for you as that is sooooo ME. I do things like that all the time. Some how I have been fortunate to land alive. You will be sore a few days I fear but thank goodness you are ok. I did get a chuckle out of that fat ass comment tho. ;)I think mine has saved me too. LOL

  3. OHMYGOSH Lolo, I am so happy you weren't hurt (besides your pride), gosh that is SO scary. I have also done stupid things like that and well, lesson learned, like you. Most of the time I try to wear the right shoes. Most being the key word here. Just today I put the wrong darn shoes on cuz I was in a hurry and slipped and fell also. Must have been the day for it.

    LOVE your robin header and you always put the perfect words on.

  4. Yikes lo! I am so happy you are okay. Please take care! I am in love with Grady, he is a doll and your friend is so lucky to have you to take care of him. I wish I had you, here! xoxo

  5. I am glad nothing broke. You will probably be even more sore tomorrow. Take a hot bath and soak those tired sore muscles. Take care. Handsome cat too. HAW anyway.

  6. NO!
    How scarey is that!
    So silly, how easily those falls can happen,,,and so fast!
    I actually broke my foot from falling out of my computer chair!
    (go figure!)
    Glad you're okay,,and glad you could care for Grady.
    Wonderful gift cat too!
    Feel better,,,,,

  7. Oh my gosh! This was scary to read! I sure hope you will be OK!!! Keep blogging every day and let us know that you are, OK?????

  8. OHHH I love Grady. We have one up for adoption at PetsMart that looks just like him. What a doll. Love your pictures, and am sooo glad you are alright. Be careful girlfriend.

  9. pretty scary to fall like this. Definitely dont want to break anything. A couple times when Mom was alive I came into a room to find her standing on a little stool to reach a high cabinet. At 90. !!! Even though she knew she shouldnt be doing so.

    Kitty is very sweet. Glad you have him for company as you paint. Be well and take care, Suki

  10. ps before my big move, I had a little thrift store teapot just like that except in blue!!

  11. Having been the recipient of a new hip due to a fall, I say, YES! Make sure you have the right things! Be careful becuase I would not want anyone else to have to go through half a year of down time to heal......
    And that cat; oh my! What a fine kitty! So cute, so fluffy!


  12. So, if I understand this properly, the ramifications of your tumble is behind you? We're all glad that you're okay.

  13. Lo, I am late getting to your WERE SO LUCKY..... that fall could have been much worse... I am sure you are sore and black and blue, when you continue to work on this project, go
    C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y and slowly.

    (You did crack m up with the "fat ass" comment!) Your new "Assistant" is pretty adorable.....he has wonderful expressions in that furry face!

    I love your new teapot! And love you, too....

    Wear the correct shoes!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. I hope now you are better!Please take care!
    Your cat is wonderful and the teapot is gorgeous,me too love second hand stores and antique shops:)

  15. oh noes! I thought you were going to say the cat tripped you...but this is, well...much more of a catastrophe! I have had that same feeling of 'this is dangerous' and still continued but yes, as I age I find myself contemplating that hip replacement surgery and it slows me down a bit to consider...

  16. Oh Lo!!!!!!!!
    Now I know what happened. :(
    I think you were lucky while being unfortunate to fall.
    It all could have ended so much worse...
    I am glad you are ok , sore but nothing broken or permanently damaged..... SCARY.
    A tough lesson. And yes a little female fat can be a lifesaver! If you were too skinny you would have broken something maybe.
    From now on take better care and I will kleep this lesson in mind too, because this could have been me.

    The kitty is adorable I can see why you love him.

    The gifts from your sister are exquisite.

    Big hug (not too firm this time......ouch) from me


  17. Oh, my gosh!!!! I am so glad you're ok! How easily these things happen, and how much harder to recover when we're a little older, heh! I do hope the muscle aches aren't too bad...take a bath in Epsom salts. It will be comforting, at least.

    I used to fall with regularity and so far have been fortunate I have not broken anything. I am far less adventurous now...

    What a lovely cat! I so miss having a cat...just by looking at him I can tell he has a sense of humour!

    Hope you're feeling better...I'm late commenting, as usual, lol!

  18. Kudos to your is there for a reason. Thankful that you are reasonably okay, VERY hard lesson learned! Grady is precious, kitties can be so funny and so "helpful" sometimes! I have missed a few posts....LOVED the post about your book, how awesome is that! Please take care and have a great weekend.

  19. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling much more spry and cheery. I had a similar incident one time just because I was 'making do' with out the right tools and support to do the job. Angels were certainly watching over you-of that I am sure...Hugs to you and your life saving "plump bum"!