Friday, June 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Regarding Mimi

Most of you remember this post, the one I wrote when my dear client and friend Mimi had to say goodbye to her old dog, Casey.
When Mimi's husband Ed asked me how I felt about them getting another Corgi, I went into protection mode for the future dog. Ed is 90, Mimi is 80 with early stages of dementia. Who would walk the dog? Would she overfeed it or overmedicate it because she had forgotten if it had been done?
When Casey was alive I visited every day to administer his treatment and to check on him. Now they're on their own.
Fast forward one month and meet their new 'baby' as they lovingly call him.
They named him "Corgi" and they defend their right to do so. (They love Corgi's and they love him!)
Yesterday was our farewell lunch before I head East, and it was my first time meeting the new pup.
I don't have to tell you it was love at first lick! I sat on the floor with him and started snapping pictures. I played with him, held him and fussed over him until he went to sleep.
The light in Mimi's eyes was brighter. She was remembering a little better as she brought up memories of Casey and our long journey together.
What I took away from our visit wasn't only that we'll have a forever friendship, but that this little pup would be okay in this loving home and I'm not in charge of the world.

I'm thankful for sometimes knowing when to let go and trust the universe, and my heart is filled with memories of this wonderful day and Mimi's healed heart.


  1. Ahhh, that looks just like the Corgi pup at the stable. I'd never actually seen a PUP before I saw him, and I know now why people are drawn to them.

    I wish my parents would have a dog in their house-I've always told them I would keep it for them after they are gone. But, it's just too hard for Mom, who waits on the dogs hand and foot like she does for Daddy. They enjoy Prissy visits though.

    You are so right-we are NOT in charge of the universe and it's a good thing most likely.

  2. What a wonderful story and post. . .love dogs. I have two of my own. One is a thirteen year old yellow lab. . .I seriously think he has dementia too. Love him soooo much!!

  3. Sweet and touching...pets can be so healing.

  4. What a wonderfully happy turn of events. And what an adorable pup.

  5. Awwwwwwwww, the pup is sooo cute. I remember the story with this couple. I hope they bring each other joy and that you continue to find comfort in that. No wonder you fell in love!

  6. oh i do so agree, no matter how long they have with this wonderful animal, it will be very presious to them and him...oh i love your outlook on life and i alwasy learn so much from you. lotsa wfs to you lo as you make your rounds saying goodbye, knowing all that you have been and done for these people, who will never ever forget you!

  7. Beautiful Laurel. I love the picture of Mimi and I remember the story well.

    You are such an amazing and kind spirit Laurel.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  8. these days i think (know) not being in charge of the world is a blessing. that's good knowledge to build on, sweet friend.

    and this pup!!!! love at first sight indeed. i'm so glad you got to see and experience this before you headed east.

    four stars for this week's thankful thursday.


  9. Sometimes the best things are taken care of by the universe itself. I am so happy for your friends. It is good that you got to see them before you depart. Their sweet little Corgi is a love.

  10. Oh he is so darn cute!!! This is a very sweet post, and it made me smile :)

  11. OMG! What a darling pup! I love happy endings :)

    Have a fun and safe journey, my friend...

  12. Life is good...a loving post. :)

  13. hi, lolo - i'm assembling a little care package for bella (cards, letters, art pieces, etc) and soulbrush mentioned that you are close to her, so i thought i'd contact you to see if you'd like to send something along for it. if so, please send me an e-mail for details (my contact info is on my blog.) thanks, aimee

  14. What a cutie and how adorable. I think Dogs are healing too. all pets are. so it will be good for them. I hope other family memebers will be there for it if need be. Have a safe trip across country. Everyone is leaving for a couple weeks somewhere.. either on a vacation or relocating. sniff. :)

  15. How sweet a farewell can be when you can smile at the memories. I, too, not long ago sold 2 kittens to a couple in their early 80's and had friends go through the same litany of what-if's and if I have learned anything from the passing of my husband, it's that life is fragile and unexpected and one has to seek happiness where one can...and look how much happiness this little dog will bring.

    And if he came from a responsible breeder, they would agree to take this doggie back if the owners became incapacitated, and insure that the other families members knew that.

    I met this couple's daughter, gave her all my contact info too and keep in touch often, so they know I care and am responsible for the kittens I bring into this world...

  16. Ahh, beautiful post. it's better to leave her happy.
    A puppy at that age is something, I sure hope she has a good plan for when something happens to them.
    I know when my parents took their last kitten (Sarah) people thought it was not sensible, but I made a promise I would take care of them when something would happen.
    I hope they have an arrangement like this for corgi as well.
    It is good to see her so happy. Animals are the best cure. I think nothing alse could have ment her heart like this.
    And for you it is good to let go and trust there will be someone taking care of Corgi when needed.
    The pup sure made my heart melt!
    What an adorable little furry bundle of joy!
    I hope Mimi and Ed have many years to enjoy his company!

    I'll be thinking of you this weekend, hope your party will be a good one.....

  17. Oops, I see that part of my last comment got left off?

    I sold two kittens to a couple here locally last year and they were in their early 80's and they had lost 2 Cornish Rex littermates due to geriatric feline issues, and they were so sad without their presence.

    They wanted two littermates and I visited their condo, met their daughter, made sure the daughter had all my contact info so her parents became debilitated, that she could contact me and I would take the kitties back, so no worries there.

    But I had so many people who advised (?) me not to let them have a kitten in case they died, fell on them, neglected them due to dementia etc.

    After I met them, saw their home and the photos of the kitties they lost...I knew it would be a fine home and went with my heart...

  18. You inspire me Laurel...
    I've nissed visiting your blog!

  19. A lovely, heartwarming story. So glad it had a happy ending. Animals really make a house a home. I cannot imagine our house without animals. I wish all the best for Mimi and Ed. Those pup pictures are gorgeous.