Monday, June 08, 2009

Cactus Monday: At The Mission

One of the things my Uncle and I did during his visit was go to the San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission. They have this magnificent, huge cactus in the main courtyard that I have sat and sketched a few times. Today I only have time to post a few shots of it but you know I'll be using these photos as ATC references for future CM posts and trades!

The movers are coming today to give an estimate which leaves me no time for art again. Sheesh. Meanwhile, HCM to all of you!! I miss you!


  1. I don't miss you because you are always with me.

    I never feel like you are gone.

    I love how you love all those who have gone before you.

    You are remarkable.

    I love the story and the painting and I could totally see it. How do you pull yourself away from work like that?

    Love renee xoxo

  2. That is one great Cactus in the first shot. I feel for you in your move. We did that from SO CAL 5 1/2years ago to here, 13 hours away, and what a pain. Can't imagine across country. But it was worth it.

  3. What an awesome will be a great reference! Glad you and your uncle are doing so many activities together. I do not envy your moving but my good wishes and thoughts are always there for you...thank you for your kind comment you left me - big ol' hug!

  4. Wow huge Cacti.....would never want to fall into that thorney guy...whew

    Hugs Laurel,

    Sonia ;)

  5. Lots of inspiration here. I hope all is going as smooth as possible with your move. Take care, don't over stress.

  6. Wow what a cactus!
    Lots of inspiration for beautiful ATC's in the future.
    You take care and do the things you have to.
    I will be waiting patiently dear Lolo!
    Meanwhile I am happy with all the signs of life you give.
    love >M<

  7. PS forgot; Happy Cactus Monday!

  8. gorgeous sight. now that your unc has gone you can concentrate on the final packing. when is the actual day? keep going, but do 'stop to smell the roses' every now and then my friend. xxxxxxx

  9. What a beautiful and restful spot...You are one who always seems to see the "light" in life...Be sure to take the time to enjoy this process...I know it's easier to say than do...When you get frazzled just look to the east...Hugs are being sent your way by me and a world full of others.! :) HCM!

  10. Great pics! Especially like the close ups--- photography is an art.
    Good luck with the estimate- one less thing on the list.

  11. helllllloooo! everything renee said, how f---- true!

    keep your eye out for me, girl. i'll be smiling in the corner of your eye.

    ps imagine if you're walking by this cactus and you sneeze and lose your balance. imagine the trip to the emergency room...


  12. p.s. time for a little award and recognition at ms. kj's place...

  13. Wow! Lovely cactus shots!
    I love all them and the details are so intricate too:)
    Love the 5th photo as it's a funny one!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lolo:)

  14. We don't get cacti like that in Mass!

  15. I lived in the high desert in So Cal as a kid...still love cacti...just not the "jumping' kind!

  16. don't you just love when they bloom like this. So pretty and such wonderful shapes. Moving along are you?

  17. Happy late Cactus Monday! Your photos are great! I love the one where the pads are all in a row! It looks very healthy! After the move you will be back full force, and all the better, too!!!
    Take care, Laurel!

  18. I read a book many, many years ago about a man who described visits to every California Mission from the Baja to the Oregon border ... on horseback!

  19. This cactus is remarkable!!!!! I would love to see it in person.

    H (belated) CM!!

  20. I love how us ravens hang together. I just posted at kj and your posting came up one minute before mine.