Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Drug Testing

This is one of the loves of my life, my dog Emma. I've emailed this photo to a few of you already but I thought it was so darn cute I wanted to post it today!

Here's the deal. You know we're moving and you know what goes into the process. Things get packed and tossed around and moved about and the animals pick up on the frenetic energy of their world changing. Emma has a mild form of epilepsy but when she has a seizure, it's a doozey. She doesn't have seizures frequently enough to warrant medication, thank goodness. When I took her and the cat in for their pre-travel check-ups I asked if I could get some valium for Emma in case she got frazzled along the way.

So this is Emma with a half of a valium on board. You can't tell in the photo, but she was swaying ever so slightly! In my sweet-talking voice I said "Emmie, do you like the valium?" To which she tilted her head and gave me this zoned-out look! I'll take that as a yes. This cross-country drive will be a breeze ;)

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


  1. Oh my, your dog is stoned!
    Have a safe and funfilled trip.
    When do you leave?
    Is is soon/now/or are you just practicing having a stoned dog?

  2. LMAO....Thats what Benadryl does for my a valium LOL....She looks like NO Worries Mom Im GOOD....Moving bites...I have moved so much in my life..I tought we were gypsy's growing up...Safe journey Laurel....

    Sonia ;)

  3. Oh how adorable. We had to tranquilze our only cat when we moved here. She didnt like the affect. Once it wore off we left her off of it because She bit Con while ON the meds. I guess she likes to be in control. :)I am not sure what the Vet prescribed either.
    I got your comment on my blog about the ATC when you get moved. I look forward to it. I LOVE your work. I plan to do some more ATCs one of these days. Probably will work out timing wise. :)

  4. What a sweet girl! I have to sedate my girl when we go on car trips and she gets so woozy and wobbly - and silly. Good luck on your journey.

  5. Oh my God Emma is beautiful. I love her she is gorgeous.

    She looks like Oliver Twist saying 'more please sir'.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. I can see it in her eyes.

    We had to use the stuff on Augie does make for some happier travel!

    Traveling Mercies!

  7. I hope you and Emma have a great trip. Whew. What an accomplishment to get packed and ready and on the way.

  8. She does look quite I know why! It is an adorable photo. Looks as if it was posed by those photographers that say, 'lift your chin just a bit and look slightly to the right, now up a bit more'. Hey, when is the big day of departure?

  9. emma that's how i will look tomorrow! tee hee, looks like fun!
    how old is she?she is truly so sweeet.

  10. This is great! Yeah, she does look a bit glassy eyed! LOL Oh this will be a fine trip. Can't wait to hear how your journey went! Safe travels!

  11. Geez, somebody should drug me so I could be in such a sweet photo. Emma wins the beauty contest today!!!!


  12. and that other half a valium?

    hmmmm....this could be quite the roadtrip....

    (i'm laughing at my own wit)

    love love

  13. Oh, hi Emma! Doozey says hello!!! She wishes she had some fun Valium too! LOL! Doozey is sitting up across the back of my neck looking at your picture!

  14. Poor Emma. Don't you wish you could make her understand that this is going to be a fun exciting time? Happy Animal Wednesday.

  15. what a funny story! We used to have a dog who freaked out at thunderstorms and had to give her seconal to calm down - it was so funny to watch. Miss Emma stoned - poor little thing!!

    When do you actually leave???

  16. Oh bless her, she is lovely. That made me laugh so much lolo!! Hope the trip goes well, it certainly will for her!

  17. Laurel I so need to remind myself with this book.

    I probably ate healthier 6 times. I probably eat 3 vegetables a week.

    I need to ..... and I need to.....

    Okay. I am assuming the packing up is all in gear.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  18. Emma looks like she hasn't a care in the world...such personality!

    Your sweet little cactus ATC arrived in my mail box this afternoon...What a delight as always to receive happy mail...I will feature her as part of next week's TT post! :)Thanks too for your new addy! :)

  19. oh, she is the sweetest thing that ever lived! Happy Trails my friend :)

  20. Ahhhh what a cutiepetoetie,
    I really hope your animals will travel smooth.
    It is sure they pick up feelings from us and when we worry they will pick up the signals.
    Hope you will start your journey full of confidence (also for yourself!)

    love >M<

  21. Hey can I get some for ME for our move!! Hee, hee Emma is so, so cute.