Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Double Happiness

Another week and another pile of gifts in my mailbox from my blogger girlfriends. Wow you guys, really, I'm so spoiled by you!!
Here's the show and tell part.

This is a wonderful postcard from KJ telling us our new home is ready. It was just the smile I needed in this hectic week.
And I could totally live in this bohemian place. I love it!(That's my old address, no worries.)

These fabulous photo cards were also sent to me from KJ in case I wanted to write letters from the road.
I took these shots of them just now and it's not showing how wonderful her images are. I'm just short on time to scan each of them!
Thanks, dear friend. xxoo!

Soulbrush struck again and sent me 2 gorgeous atc's that I adore. I love the 3 people soaring together. They look great with the firebirds in the other one!

Thank you dearest. You know how special you are to me!

Lynn totally surprised me with one of her latest felted atc's!

That woman is amazing, always trying something new and each new thing is a success in my opinion! Thanks Lynn, I love this!!

Margaret over at waterblossoms gifted me with these 2 wonderful ATC zentangle blossoms on linen paper. The blues and browns are just stunning together! Is it any wonder she's one of my favorite artists?

Thanks so much my friend! Your generosity knows no bounds.

And finally this card from a dear friend of mine who is trying to understand why I spend so much time blogging, and how on earth I could ever make 'real' friendships here. She realized the way she had gone about her questioning had hurt my feelings. The next day I got this wonderful card from her that said "This card says it all." I now realize she's just having a hard time saying goodbye to me, and quite honestly she may be feeling a little abandoned.

I may be moving away, but I'm not leaving friends. You'll always be with me.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out this week. My desk is a mess and I'm too stressed to tidy up. The next step is packing it all up.

Thanks one and all. Friends are just the best medicine! xoxo


  1. awwwwwwwww. lo.

    everything is wonderful, as always. your mailbox must think it's a holy shrine or a bank vault, with all these precious gifts in it.

    but the last card--your friend who is losing your ready presence--i feel for her. please hug and hold her long and tight, because her loss is huge. and then there's me and mim and suki on the other end...ready to hug you long and tight, because our gain is huge.

    love you, ms. lolo.

  2. OOOOH MY! Another "shiver and quiver in my boots" post for me...Tears too...You touch so many with your artistic magic...leaving a bit of your spirit in each of our hearts.
    Beautiful tokens of endearment...LOVE those Buddhas! :)

  3. Laurel...

    You are truly loved...Hugs

    Sonia ;)

  4. Your mailbox must have been gleaming with all that loveliness inside filled with love! Your friend is having a difficult time no doubt. Ironically she may understand the blogging much better when you have moved. Take care...big hug :)

  5. So many creative bits coming to you. I could also live in the caravan, it looks so inviting.

  6. I love the way this post begins with the two Buddahs and ends with the sacred card from your friend.
    Sandwiched in between all the amazing art from friends. Wow.

    Well a "fyscial friend" would have a hard time knowing how it is to be a virtual friend. And it's not the same. It's different. But I know the latter is rich, and varied, and wonderful in many ways I had never imagined before I started blogging. I'm sure you will miss her too when she is no longer close enough by to call for a gals day out!

  7. Dear Laurel,

    Your courage and trust to show and share your emotional side is tremendous. A biiiiig hug from me and hope your move will go well.

  8. Wonderful gifts, each and everyone special and heartfelt. I get the same questions from my non- blogging friends, they just don't get it, but that is okay. xoxo

  9. Abundance - is good sometimes :)

  10. These are such wonderful heartfelt gifts and its cuz you are such a wonderful wonderful person!!

  11. Laurel you have the best friends because you are the best friend.

    You give to all of us all of the time. You are the loveliest raven I have evern known.

    All of the things are beautiful.


  12. Lovely, gifts from friends to make you new home special and unique...just like you.

  13. Beautiful post Lolo, nearly missed this one.....
    Wonderful gifts you have had!
    The card from your friend is priceless! It is sad for her, I understand her feelings, we will follow you she has to stay behind...... In her place I would feel sad too.
    So nice your new home is ready and waiting for you!

    love >M<

  14. What is the picture of the cute trailer?? That is such a cute place!! soooooo cute!!