Sunday, February 01, 2009

Awarded Once More

The wonderful, creative Indigene has tagged me with an award that has been given to me before, but this time I'm supposed to list seven things I love.

I'm not going to list my top three ( family, friends and pets) because they're a given! I couldn't live without any of them. Instead, I've chosen to list seven simple things that bring me joy.

1) Helping animals. It's my absolute calling~no question.

2) Taking photos of dramatic skies! Here are a few.

3) Being at the ocean. It restores me. Even if the sea is restless, I'm calm.

4) Lately I'm feeling the need to nest more. I'm enjoying being home after 2 years of art openings. I'm reconnecting with my space and my husband.

5) I'm addicted to notepads!! I make lists every day and I love choosing a whimsical, funky, quirky, artsy or beautiful pad to list my 'to do's" on.

They make me smile!

6) Turquoise and silver jewelry. But not the heavy Southwest stuff so much. I like necklaces that have some heft and size, and I like a short dangly earring. But no squashblossoms for me! When I was younger I could wear them, but now I'm a bit more "understated." Besides, they have to be in sync with my Chuck Taylors that I wear nearly every day ( for the kid in me!)

7) I love writing letters and cards. Most of my recipients are elderly relatives who refuse to have anything to do with a computer, but I try to send something pretty through the mail just because it's a nice thing to receive. It beats getting bills (which I refer to as hate mail!) I also like to make my own matching envelope or decorate a plain envelope with stamps, etc. Oh...and the postage stamp must match the color scheme! What can I say. Lately I've been putting my own images on postage through :)

Please help yourselves to this award and list 7 things you love IF you want to participate! I'd love to see what you choose to list. Seven isn't very many! (I could have gone on forever.)


  1. What a deserved award SL. I also love to write letters. I like to receive them too.

  2. I loved reading your list. Well that's one thing I love, now I need six more.

  3. yes a great award for you. i like the fact that you like notepads and letters and of course i know how much you love sending things in the post. you are a star. huggles to you....

  4. You deserve this award
    Thanks for sharing your 7 things with us and for all the wonderful links and photo's with these 7 things!
    Love the painting with the seagull!
    Love >M<

  5. I have many of your interests...being home, making cards, loving turquoise, and notepads!!! LOLOL.

    Have a happy week!!!

  6. Congrats for this creative award Lolo:)

  7. dkjfkls ksjfjlsdjf skfjsklfj

    That is all of us at the part applauding your answer. Being genuine is one of the very best things to be.

    I love that you can heal animals. I believe animals only love good people.

    Your eyes are magnificent too.

    Glad you could come.

    Love Renee