Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Animal Wednesday : For Mim

My friend Mim had a dog that stole her heart and kept it. Some of us are lucky enough to know what that means.

They were our number one. Our 'main squeeze.'

The one that loved you no matter what you weighed or how you smelled or how many grades you completed. They didn't ask for a resume before falling in love with you. They didn't care about your salary or your obsessive compulsive traits.

They could care less if you wore designer labels or if you bought your entire wardrobe at Goodwill. They loved you.

When I asked Mim if she and Sampson had a favorite place she mentioned the old apple orchard behind their house. I pictured them there on a crisp fall day, not a care in the world. I wanted to capture that moment for her, and I hope I have given her even a little memory of it.

I stole a picture of Sampson from her blog last week knowing I wanted to do this for her. She started Animal Wednesday which I love participating in.

And I finally got my paints out again after closing the studio in September and

it feels good! So Happy Animal Wednesday, Mim! I love what Sampson meant to you, and I understand, truly I do. This painting will be in the mail soon!

Happy Animal Wednesday to all of you and your furry and feathered friends!
5"x7" acrylic on canvas


  1. Beautiful tribute to Sampson. I think you captured his essence perfectly. The apples sets the ambiance.

  2. How beautiful! It was emotional for me to see and read! How very sweet of you!!!

  3. lump in the throat
    see what i mean about lolo?
    there is truly no one like her.
    a worthy piece for a worthy person
    HAW everyone.
    the sun's shining here in london ---wahoooo!!!

  4. I just opened this and all I could say was Oh Oh Oh. Its my boy, it really is. Lolo this is SO beautiful, I can't get over it. Oh my....
    I'll post again later....

    oh my goodness, it's so beautiful

  5. You really nailed it with that one. I can see that it is Sampson-I really can. That good dog is sharing his love with all of us today. Well done Laurel!

  6. I just got to work and am rereading this and looking at the picture again. I was thinking all the way into work "I want to buy that painting " and now I see that you are sending it to me.
    Lolo I can't tell you how much this means to me...i get a lump in my throat. Off line discussion!

    Love it., love and kisses, Mim

  7. Oh gosh. Such a lovely painting and gift for Mim. You are so talented and dear.

  8. You are an incredible person Laurel... the painting isn't even mine and I get that lump in my throat with Mim. It's so nice to know there are still caring people in this world.

    BTW...Glad you decided to get your paints out...feels good doesn't it...

  9. What a sweet sweet gift! No wonder she has tears in her eyes this morning. Beautifully done Lolo. Wow.

  10. So beautiful! You are so sweet to do this and I know Mim is beside herself with happiness.


  11. Wow, what a nice way to wake up!!
    Lots of wonderful comments here, thank you. I had fun doing this, and I love that Mim thought it was her boy right away. That makes me happy! Her story of Sampson touched my heart from the start.

    Debra Kay, remember the picture I stole from you with Ethyl and the lily?
    Well, you're next!!

    Thanks everyone!

  12. not every artist and writer can translate love so beautifully...
    impressive and touching... both your painting and words...

  13. Sooooo thrilled you are painting again. That must have set your spirit free! Love your brown paper drawings but you have do much more going on... it's great to see!

    I can't even think of the words for what you did for Mim. You are a special person!

  14. You, Madam, are wonderful.

    What a beautiful gift and the painting and the dog are gorgeous. This is so heartfelt and lovely.

    Well played Laurel.

    Love Renee

  15. You are very talented; I especially like the cactus - I live in Arizona and like them a lot. I want a dog! I have to wait until retirement :(

  16. xoxoxoxoxo

    Yes, I won a monkey and I am sure I will recognize it the minute I see it because you know how it 'takes one to know one.'

    Love you.


  17. ! ♥ Bless your heart Laurel! brought tears to my eyes...
    Fabulous tribute of Samson for Mim....

    Oh, oh, oh! so, so, beautiful this painting. Love the color, composition, lines/shadows, those eyes and all the details.... so very heartfelt ♥ !

  18. Well how wonderful this is!
    Stunning painting and you made Mim so happy!
    You are a true angel!
    Love the different shades of black and grey, it really makes the coat so shiny!
    you did a great job on this one!
    good you took your paints out!
    It must be great to create again! (I mean with paint ..., not that you are not without them..... you are always creative!)
    Such a sweet thing to do!

    Love >M<

  19. Awww, what a cutie! Love the composition too!

  20. man oh man, those eyes are deep and soulful.