Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day To Me!!

This card is from a lady in New Brunswick, Canada whom I believe to be my 4th cousin. It's a long story how I found her, but we've been writing faithfully for 10 years and have never met! She turned 75 this past March. One of my goals is to hug her in person! She's a cat lover and a dear soul and never, ever forgets me.
Bless you Margie, even though you won't see this because you don't have a computer.

My blogging friends also really know how to make me feel special! Here are the Valentines I got in the mail.

The first one is from Soulbrush, a kindred spirit and one of my first "virtual" friends. She's dear to my heart and I love her! She also sent me some cookies but I have no evidence of them ;) We talked on the phone last week and it was like talking to an old pal. Thank you my good friend. Now I have a voice to go with every word you write! xo

This mandala card is from Marianne. She also included two ATC's! One of Sjimmie and her little cactus plant, and the purple spiral mandala I was lusting over! Thank you Marianne. This was the sweetest surprise!

Thank you dear friends! I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was all you wanted it to be. I know we celebrate each other every single day!


  1. Wow, what a bonanza of gifts! All beautiful. The story of your cousin is so heart-warming. I hope you get to meet her in person.

  2. Oh do meet your cousin in person. I have some dear cousins. I love to hug them. You are so very blessed Studio. Happy day to you with all that love coming in.

  3. All three are precious gifts. I would love to know the story of how you met your 4th cousin.

  4. aaaawwww lo, i luv ya too. when we chatted it was as if we had just seen each other the day before. btw thelady at the post office confused the two labels, one is cookies (biscuits), and the other is the tea towel. teehee. hope it still comes.i got your lovely little notebook yesterday with the beautifully decorated envelope (i keep all of them too) luv ya lots xxxx

  5. Such beautiful gifts and wonderous friends. How fun you talked in person with Soulbrush. And how delightful to have found your cousin. I know it means much to her too to receive your letters and cards. Such an "old-fashioned" way to communicate.

  6. Laurel, thank you so much for the good laugh, I hope that wasn't my cupid from the forest after a hard nights work.

    The valentines are lovely but how much you must mean to the 75 year old cousin.

    I hope you do get to meet her.

    Love Renee

  7. Wonderful you liked the ATC´s! And that they arrived on such a wonderful day!
    Wouldn´t it be nice to meet your cousin!?
    I love my cousin Anna from Sweden.
    She is like a sister to me! We see each other once a year since we re-established our contact about 9 years ago.
    But I have family all over the world and sometimes it is impossible to meet as often as you like...........
    How cool you met Soulbrush on the phone!
    Wonderful heart she made for you!
    You really deserve all this you are a real angel!

  8. did you get a baby blue balloon gently flying overhead from kj?


  9. Lovely post. I go to PEI all the time - come east and we'll go to New Brunswick;
    love all your previous artwork - especially emma when you come home. How wonderful

  10. What lovely gifts! I hope you get to meet your cousin one day soon.

    Today in a store a young woman checking out my purchases asked me if I had a nice Valentine's Day and did I get something nice.
    I said yes, I did. I got to spend time with my 90 year old uncle and aunt. Love is what it was all about.

    Not sure if her young heart got it.
    But I hope she will one day.

  11. OOOOH MY! What wonderful goodie...each a special treasure! :)