Friday, February 13, 2009

My Work Space: Where the magic happens!

That's what I used to say when people came into Studio Lolo. I'd point to my work room and say "That's where the magic happens!" I always said it tongue-in-cheek though.

This is the little corner of the living room I set up on Super Bowl Sunday. The bigger table is where I've been working on my art for a few months. I hated that I could never see the table because it was so piled high with clutter! So now I have the vintage table from the studio and I bring in the supplies from the garage as I need them. The portrait on the right is Picasso, my first ever oil painting done in my brief stint at college in 1978. It won honorable mention at the local art museum. I was hooked on Picasso for a long time. I did his portrait in every medium! I'm over him now ;)

I love this little space overlooking the deck and yard. Mim's dog was the first painting I did here as well as the raven envelope and the cactus cupcake.

Yep, I love my space! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It is such a lovely quiet space and looks like it was just made for creating. You did a good job when you made this. Thanks for the look.

  2. love it all. but it's far too neat...tee hee...i am crazy nuts about picasso, always have been. isn't that something? in 1978 i would never have dreamed that i would become a wnnabe artist, or know such wonderful artists like you.

  3. Laurel:

    I love your space too. It looks light and breezy and the perfect place for a fairy person like you.

    Winnipeg is good today, it misses you baby.

    I started BLD at Christmas and it stands for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A picture for each meal.

    Wasn't lunch delicious with our studly stag.

    Happy Valentines.

  4. Oh my, another neat nick. I am almost ashamed that I showed my space before straightening. Ha.. I did say almost.

    You have a wonderful light filled area it looks like SL. No wonder you make such beautiful art.

  5. Let me assure you, a neatnik I am NOT!! This was the day I made the space. Notice I didn't show the rest of the room??

    Okay then :D

  6. If that is a maple table it is the same table that was in our kitchen growing up in Michigan. It has the two side extension that go up and down and the routering on the top was exactly the same. Wow - what a good memory. I'm going to send my sisters here to take a look see.

  7. I especially love all the light coming through the window. And the view out the windows. I followed that link you sent me on my blog and then the next link which told how the children's book Wabi Sabi got made. I loved the story and it mentioned Molly Bang too who I know from Cape cod. I then went out and bought the book. I had seen it at the local bookstore and they still had a copy. I esp love that the pictures are collages of various papers and natural things. so thanks fo the link!

  8. It's a very NICE space! Thanks for visiting my blog...The ravens were fun to paint. I'm sure I'll do more of them!

  9. Oh What a lovely space!
    no wonder you create such beauty!
    Love the capet on your lovely desk!
    And everythinng so tidy!
    It´s good you have created your own space again!
    My desk is cluttered most of the time and I have way too little space soo I use the floor around me as well..........
    I love the view you have and all your nice little inspiring things

    Happy creating dear!

    big hug!

  10. Boy, I know what you mean about all the clutter in your work area! This is a very cool idea to bring it in as you need it! I love your views from your new table!

  11. How fun to share your creative space! It looks like a nice place for inspiration, with the window nearby. But, it's so neat :) Thank you for bringing us into your warm home.

    Happy Vday to ya!

  12. I came and looked at your space and sighed. I really took some time last year and cleaned out our family side room and claimed it as my studio. As soon as it was clean everyone started putting there stuff into my space. I hate and I know that's a strong word, but I hate to look at the space. Looking at your space has inspired to go for it once again. This time with lock and key!!! Thanks for your kind words left at the blog. Always know I really do appreciate.

  13. Your space and your house is darling.

  14. it's awfully neat. how long will it look that way, i wonder.

    my whole room looks like an f5 tornado came through, and the red cross hasn't even had a chance to come rescue me.

    i love the sense of pinks and lilacs in your space. very restful.


  15. Wow- bright and peaceful space! Magic happens there, yes! Beautiful sky pic- I've been looking at skies too. & beautiful Sampson painting, wow! And cactus cupcake (ouch) and grrreat postcards & stamps! and you deserve all the awards and more- eloquent in words and images- and prolific... I believe I need to model my space after yours- clean crisp energy. Will be on look out for your 'celebrate'

  16. So sweet...and OOOOOH! So beautifully organized!!! I love that just a glance away is the beautiful outdoors! :) Thanks for the peek! :)

  17. it's a beautiful space and I can just see you there creating magic. It is clean and neat...but we love you anyway! I also love the peak out the window at sunshine and flowers (sigh)

  18. What a gorgeous place to work! I can see why you're so inspired! That view from outside is also spectacular! Have a wonderful Heart day!

  19. Justine@kanodia.orgFebruary 15, 2009 11:20 PM

    great space, laurel!
    nice seeing you again, though under such sad circumstances.
    we are so glad we had a chance to get to know Don, and were happy to see his large and loving family congregated in his memory.

  20. What an absolutely delightful little spot. I can just imagine you sitting there spinning your magic, hee hee!

  21. WOW! Your work space sure is NEAT and pretty. VERY NICE! Mine is a HUGE MESS!

    I can't find your email address, so I am going to post my latest pigeon poem and then post the link int he comment.