Saturday, February 07, 2009

Illustration Friday: Time

Time is such an intangible. How do we illustrate it?

I chose to draw a raven on a brown envelope that will be stamped with the time and date when it's mailed. I love taking the time to write a personal letter and to decorate the envelopes. Of course I add a special stamp that often features my art, but not always. I do try to make the stamp match in some way though.

If you'd like this envelope to be sent to you with one of my raven card designs inside (blank for you to send), just leave a comment saying you want it. You have to be willing to email me your mailing address, of course! I promise not to keep pestering you via the post, and I won't share your address with anyone else.
The winner's name will be drawn next Friday. Stay tuned.
Happy Friday everyone!! And happy, healthy baby, Penelope :)


  1. This is a beautiful envelope SL. Anyone would be happy and proud to receive this.

    I too like to write letters. I sometimes decorate the outsides. Always when sending to my Grands.

  2. What a lovely gift offering.
    Thank you and I do believe you have my address. ;-)
    My father used to say: "Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth". I think that gives me permission to say sure, thanks.

  3. Oh how wonderful to have one of your crows and with stamp and all! You know I like stamps :-)
    Count me in pleeeseee...

    Beautiful piece, the simplicity and color harmony.

  4. have just sent you an e to check the number....i will not ask for this, rather give some others a chance...tee hee....hugs and wfs.

  5. what a clever take on the subject! really lovely piece!

    i was just thinking how much i'd like to receive such a beautiful envelope when i read about the giveaway! ...hope i'm the lucky winner :P

  6. the raven is great! very nice work.

  7. Wow...that is a great envelope...I'd love one to frame...spiffy design! About the stamp...I remember that through the Postal service you could design your own that still an option or was it a limited time deal? Again, great design on the envelope and at the top of the list of raven renderings I have seen...

  8. OMG! How generous of you! I would love to have one of your cards! This is stunning!!! I love to write a note to one cousin in Missouri all the time...our preferred way to communicate all these years! It is possible I may not even want to send this though, if I got one...I would add it to my art board, where I have many items from misc. bloggers!!! It is a treasure trove of goodies!!!

  9. So sweet and considerate Lolo, with internet and handphone around, i have gradually moved on to these two. It's good to be back to the snail mail sometime.
    The joy of receiving these letter and gifts do make a different.
    I love your cute stamp and the brown envelope:)

  10. Beautiful piece, I'm working on a sort of raven caricature right now. I'd be happy to be in your drawing if you would include me. I've also got a giveaway over at my blog, it's below the gatefold so you would need to check my post for Jan. 27.

  11. That's a fantastic envelope and stamp! I'd love to have one of your cards. Getting stuff in the mail (especially from artists) is still one of my favorite things in the world. As an art director for a magazine I was always getting stuff from artists but now that I'm in books, I don't anymore *sniff, sniff*

    My address is
    Ryan Wilson
    PO Box 165
    Peterborough, NH

    I'll be adding you to my feed over at JacketFlap as well.


  12. who wouldn't want it???? I sure do

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  14. What a gem!
    When you sent me your cards a while ago I admire your envelope with my husband and we both agreed it was a work of art by itself! (no need to tell I saved it!)
    This one is stunning! And yes I would like to participate!
    love Marianne

  15. Caw! Caw!...This bloggy ol' crow from Arizona wants to participate too! LOL :)

  16. Please could I have one too. I would give you the snorkprint of your choice in exchange.

  17. Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard of someone drawing on a envelope/package and I love it.

  18. Oh, this raven looks very wise indeed!
    I used to draw on my envelopes too-but stopped when people teased me about it. I always thought of the postman when I did it, I thought it might lighten their day.

  19. Gorgeous!!! Receiving an envelope in the mail like this would make it hard to open it to read what was inside. That bird is just wonderful... all that linework.
    Thanks for sharing. =)

  20. This is a gorgeous image and you are going to be a very busy lady. I will email you my home address: you can send anything creative there; you might also someday make a visit. Sophie behaved herself beautifully in a hotel for 2 nights and then came home and promptly peed on the floor.

  21. This is an amazing piece, I love your style and ability!

  22. beeeeyuuuuutiful. a fantastic entry.

    i thought about painting a crow watching a pot boil...but no self-respecting crow would do that...

  23. wonderful illustration, great detail on the bird and I love the stamp

  24. I was just going to say I love it. Now I am going to add that I want it too.

    Laurel, thank you for your comments, I appreciate them very much.

    Love Renee

  25. Hello there, I'm really loving your blog, and your artwork. I checked out your website and looked at your murals and gallery. I love using brown paper! I work with groups of kids in various creative ways and have used brown paper, and cardboard to make postcards with them that can be mailed. For the past year or so I've gotten into birds and love to see them incorporated into art! Way to go on this project!

  26. Are you kidding me? I'd JUMP at the chance to win one of your envelopes and cards. Absolutely gorgeous! Once gotten, I'd never be able to send it to someone else. No, no, no, no. I'm selfish that way.

  27. does the government know you are making your own stamps and are they cheaper than u.s. post?please enter me in your drawing.

  28. What a nice touch to draw such an endearing envelope to coordinate! Generous gift offer.
    (I'm new here and not entering your contest, but I think it's a super idea.)

  29. Slim Jim...I'm Canadian. I can do whatever I want!
    Haven't you ever looked at the mail I've sent you? I often use my own stamps. And yes, anyone can make them but they're pricey!
    Good thing I have a big brother who sends me lots of money :)
    (hint, hint!)
    I hope you had a nice b'day!

  30. Oh, please add me!! I'd be delighted :)

    I love your take on time. I still send letters and cards. It's neat that it takes time to get there, and sometimes things have changed by the time the receiver gets it.

    Happy Monday!

  31. This is a wonderful piece that I missed in earlier visits. Of course I want one! Keep me posted ... :)

  32. Hi, Discovered you at Birds Circling my Head. That dog holding the heart slayed me and I had to see where it came from! My first dog's name was Lolo!
    I am loving this crow and the whole envelope idea.
    Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

  33. super beautiful!!! i love it :)

  34. How beautiful this is! Wonderful idea which will brighten the recipient's (and postman's) day even more - letters are few and far between these days! I'd love it if it came my way!

  35. i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…

    enough? not yet?

    i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…i want it…

    i just love ravens and crows… they speak to me… not literally as some do… but they seem to have a magical quality about them… beautiful work!!!

  36. Well thought out Laurel.... and who could resisit a beautiful raven!

  37. wow... this is...

    i'm speechless!

    what a strange feeling i have... to love this and want to have it earnestly but not to dare ask for it... this sparkly gem never reaches my hands... our post is not reliable at all... especially for such a brilliant work...

    Lolo... you are a great artist...
    your ravens always make me crow...

  38. Soooo wonderful! I would love to have it sent to me, but since I just recently won a giveaway, I will step aside. How lucky the person will be to get such a wonderful piece of art and such a cool idea to have the time stamp. Very special!!!

  39. Great illustration and fantastic idea,and yes as everyone here d like to have it

  40. I want it!!!
    I agree with Bella, if I won it, I'll keep it to myself, heehee!

  41. The winner is Brine Blank!!!
    Congrats Bri!

    I'm also making another one to send to Neil Ornstein as a trade. I'm so excited!!

  42. WOW! I love the raven envelope. AND the pigeon envelope, too!

    I would have loved to get the raven and would love the pigeon, too.

    I did a raven today. I am reading Mind of the Raven, by Bernd Heinrich. (And really I literally just finished Pigeon Post.

    I want to send you my latest pigeon poem. (I have a long series of them). It's got a raven in it, too, sort of. (Really).